My cold heart and my frozen soul are melting because of him. This feeling it's weird and I don't know what to do, when I see his smile even if it's making -5 °c outside I feel warm, even being empty inside, I feel completely full right now.
  At the same time as I am dead, I'm alive, that's the effect he does on me, he can kill me in one second and can bring me back to life with one moviment. I love him so badly, the images and thoughts about him are coming to my mind all in the same time, is too much for me, I can't handle, the night is when I'm really alone and he tortures me with that pretty face and kind  heart.
   Please stop making so much noise walking on my mind like this, stop hitting my heart over and over again laughing this way, it hurts, my body isn't prepared for this, my brain is filled by you, your voice is echoing in my ears, your eyes are blinding mine and the taste of your lips are dancing on mine.  
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Atualizado em: Seg 24 Maio 2021

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