Preposições em Português Traduzidas para o Inglês Parte 1

As preposições podem ser divididas em duas categorias: Preposições essenciais e acidentais.

Eis aqui uma lista de preposições essenciais em Português traduzidas para o inglês.

a – to, at, on, in, by, a, per, toward, towards

ante – before, in the face of, in the presence of, in view of, as a result of

até – till, until, as far as, by, up to, up till, to, down to

após – after, behind

de – of, from, by, to, on, in, about, out of, off, with, for, ‘s

desde – since, from

em – in, into, at, on, upon, during, within, by, to, about, under

entre – between, among, amongst, to, out of, amid, amidst, in the midst of

com – with, by, about, to, and

contra – against, at, into, on, to, at, counter to, opposed to, contrary to, versus, facing, over against, in exchange for, opposite, contra

para – to, for, in order to, towards, about, in, into, onto

por – by, for, from, per, to, through, about, out of, by means of, in behalf of, by order of, around, on, upon, past, because of, due to, a, an, across, over, along, during, in favor of, as

perante – before, in the presence of, in front of, in the face of, faced with

sem – without, out of, lacking, destitue of

sobre – on, upon, over, above, about, concerning, onto, super, up, out of

sob – under, below, beneath, underneath, sub, on

trás – behind, after
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