4 am love letter

you are perfect
but what does it mean?
how do I explain perfection?

You are like the light
That obliterates my darkness
The blue
That absolves my sadness

Your eyes, looking directly to my soul
Touching my spirit and contaminating my hole body
Your voice, like a song but not a normal song
Its a song sing by and angel, a spell that hypnotises and controls my mind
Your face, pure perfection
There are over 9 billion words in the human languages and none of them is enough to describe how beautiful you are

You are the last piece of hope to me
The letter for me get out of the pit
The last flame that kept me alive, warming and protecting
The internet conection to my heart
When I'm talking to you every piece of sadness and other bad feelings
Seems to desappear
The world stops and every problem I have, are just none
For all the time we are talking, my mind just seems to don't care ab those things
I know that sometimes I can't demonstrate that, but I really love you
You are enough, not just that but you are more then enough
You are perfect and thats my word and the only you should consider
No matter what happens, no matter what they say to you

Its 4:30 when I'm writting this
I'm sleepy
This is shitty
But I just want to say that I love you
And that you are the best thing that could be in my life during lockdown

Since this all began I've got through a lot of thing, but you are the hope and flame that keeps me going

I love you, I adore you
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