Letter from Lhasa, number 351. “Democracy” is just the testing of successful brainwashing

Letter from Lhasa, number 351. “Democracy” is just the testing of successful brainwashing 

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

The origins of Trade Unions may be traced back to XVIII century England. The industrial revolution imposed to both Capital and State/government to invent new forms for regimenting and militarizing the masses. Of course, nothing is finally ever so new. Medieval guilds became now mass entities for the proletariat. With State/government simulating to be class-neutral, and anyway obliged to face the bestial and primordial exploitation of people from the new entrepreneurs of the industrial revolution, exploitation was eroding the same ability of people to serve in the army, it was State/government interest to promote organizations, in some way protected, but also controlled, of the new working force. Also Capital finally, after the initial aversion, discovered that it was easier to buy Trade Unions than to pay militias of thugs and killers, which finally were unsustainable on the long term.    

The tale of workers spontaneously self-organising and finding funds, and power covers, for Trade Unions and “workers’ parties” is just a legend for idiots, useful for people brainwashing. Power invents the “working movement” and diffuses the tale of its spontaneous self-creation. Power invents and diffuses “working movement” ideologies, Marxisms included.

When entrepreneurs were too myopic and stubborn, and played only the card of open violence against workers, governments even mobilised, with police cover, organised criminality for helping workers to face Capital’s open violence. Not only State/government has a class nature, but it is also a class, better a block of bureaucratic classes, by itself.

‘Marxism’ [better ‘Marxisms’], an invention of the British Empire, of its ideological apparatuses, of course deceived and deceives about this aspect. State/Government not only serves Capital and only Capital. Proletariat’s or workers’ States/government are technically impossible. But State/government is a class entity, a bureaucratic block, by itself, interacting in various ways with private powers, with Capital.

For instance, the British Crown and the Presidency of the USA are primary political and economic-business actors, with other formal institutions largely reduced to a masquerade. Of course they need to preserve their supremacy interacting with other forces, for not being in some way overcome, or destroyed, or replaced, although the tools and ingredients of real power, starting from Secret Police apparatuses, be on their hands. State/Government has a class nature but it is also a class by itself. On the contrary, marxisms deceive claiming, or in this way it is made to understand, that State/government be as a neutral entity at the automatic service of the capitalist class or supposed such. Actually, bureaucracies are a block of classes with specific interests. 

Trade Unions, even more than political parties, are elements of the progressive and open militarization of masses while claiming that masses, as well as individuals, have rights. The militarization of masses is an immanent phenomenon in history, although until historically recent times without the mythology, the mystification, of rights and liberties. Of course there is an evolution, from the paternalism of ancient times to Fordist or para-Fordist techniques of mass militarization and control.

The meaning of convincing people that they have rights, while they are totally and totalitarian submitted and dominated, is that now government and power want to impose their tight control on the minds of people. While technological advancements impose some more advanced acculturation and education, government and power want to be sure that people do not use this more advanced acculturation and education for ‘heresies’, for some even limited form of liberation or even only of independence from power. Consequently knowledge must be mixed with ignorance. Overspecialized knowledge must he combined with basic ignorance about whatever be outside the needed overspecialized knowledge. Power needs absolute submission and only in the partiality of knowledge and understanding there is happy submission. Power and powers, government in the measure it is power and tool of power and powers, need machines, obedient louses, not real individualities. 

Destroying knowledge while developing overspecialized and fragmented knowledge, government and power destroy also their capabilities of understanding and governing. In fact, global understanding is not in some other, eventually mysterious or inaccessible, place. No, it is nowhere. Supposed global planners are not cleverer and wiser than common louses.

The some government and power are annihilated by the proliferation of offices, centres, agencies and disservices, only for trying masking, even to themselves, that centres of general and global government and power do not exist anywhere. Bureaucratic proliferation, with its growingly useless civilian, police and military bureaucracies, is the same negation of Fordism, of whatever efficiency, was the initial justification for the dramatically increased militarization of masses.

When government and power have a problem, they create an office, a new bureaucracy whose only concern is to invent additional problems for justifying its existence and its further expansion. When its further expansion is clearly useless for solving the problems it has created, government and power create new offices, new bureaucracies, which equally have as their only concern to create additional problems for justifying their existence and their further proliferation. And so on.

Although the illusion of control survive and develop mephitic and dominant, State/government and power openly act as terrorist machines without any real connection with reality. State/government and power create reality, their borderline or imaginary realities made to become real for what they can, or even only imposed as they were real. They create the frame inside which they operate. They waste enormous sums and energies for creating and managing various forms of apparently-private terrorism only for wasting other enormous sums and energies for simulating fighting it by the destruction of individualities.

You must be totally submitted to power because there are immediate dangers only your absolute submission to power can help facing and reducing. However it is power creating all that! Your absolute submission is the goal, without any real justification if not that power want that. Nothing new. People want to dominate other people. Those who can dominate want to dominate those cannot avoid being dominated.

“You must accept the destruction of whatever residual or latent individuality you may still have because we have to protect you, you as a single subject and you as a mass of subject!”: that is what is claimed from the same psychopathic and ignorant subjects pretend to dominate other subjects only because they can use and they use force for submitting other subjects.

‘Democracy’ is a propagandistic invention. Since no people have equal real power, no people can have an equal share of formal political power, or other forms of power, apart from on irrelevant questions and at very low levels.

For complex questions, people simply have not the competence to deal with problems. Consequently people can be easily manipulated. In addition, people are usually happy to be just obedient louses at the orders of hierarchies. To claim that people become suddenly competent, free, and real and honourable human beings when they are called to deposit a ballot in a ballot box is just deception, propaganda.

More the functions of government be specialized and the power structure consolidated, less there is any space for whatever, even only formal, real democracy. Formal democracy became only the ground for the selection of the faces impersonating formal power, where the best cheaters prevail. Each politician is a demagogue and/or part of a demagogic politico-electoral machine, where double speech and double-thought/doublethink dominate.

It is not only a question of demagogy or rabble-rousing. Politics is largely a question of marketing for building consensus around the Modern Prince, so around State/government and powers dominating it. Consensus is a question of material interests but also of psychological-emotional satisfaction. Consensus, from a psychological-emotional point of view, and also for covering insufficient achievements from the material point of view, is frequently built against something or somebody.

All politicians, of the different political parties of factions, are, or simulate to be, against something or somebody. They are all ‘against’ although finally working for the same State/government and power, and implementing the same, or basically similar, policies when in office. If whatever regime or party or party-block is in some way attentive to built some material consensus, part of it is the conquest of the people minds. This is made by advertising mechanism progressively evolved to modern sophistication, which has built similar conditional reflexes, stereotyped and idiosyncrasies in everybody.

From the point of view of the electoral consensus, politicians do the work of acquiring the final consensus of electors what is more a consensus against something or somebody, not only and not overall for achievements since people finally knows that electoral promises are largely propaganda. So party consensus is built on the danger that somebody else could win and to do something worse. Consensus is not built on impossible bests but simple on the fear of something worse. So, finally, people vote against, against a supposed worse, the other party or parties, “the enemy”.

If parties invents party enemies, State/government invent, create and manage collective enemies. For that, it constantly invents, creates and manages mafias, terrorisms, conflicts and war. It invents them for annihilating people and for making them well subordinated to power. This also defines the tight and limited range of public [pseudo-]debate. Around this stereotyped and idiosyncratic public debate, political parties cultivate their electoral fields. Of course, political parties, not differently from Trade Unions etc, appear as credible because they are government or para-government parties. Differently nobody would follow and vote for them. The same may be said about politicians.

‘Credibility’, not differently from what is called charisma, is a construction and reflects that no real power finally have banned a certain politicians. The range of options for removing a power-disliked politician covers whatever option, although basically an incoming or perspective politician be followed not for his/her points of views or actions but for the possibilities/sub-power be given him/her from power, from powers and States/governments.

The political arena is not a space for debates and ideas, apart from the ones stereotyped and idiosyncratic power uses for people brainwashing and conditioning. The only spaces for real debate and ideas are Hyde Park Speakers’ Corners where usually nobody listen and whatever told be anyway irrelevant. No other one!

Whatever revolution, or so-called such, always justifies its terrorist practices, assassinations, massacres, militarisms, abuses, claiming to do that in the name of, ‘rights’, “human rights”, and so declaring to pursue them. When government and governments stated rights for their subjects, there were always exceptions so that with the cover of currents laws or of extraordinary ones (a parallel and sometimes secret law always existed) government was always be able to do what it wanted, legalising whatever abuse and violation of the ‘rights’ and “human rights” it officially claimed.

State terrorism, in all its forms, reflects the terrorist nature of government, what in continental Europe is called ‘State’. The terrorist nature of government perfections and is perfectioning with the Modern Prince, an apparently impersonal bureaucracy in progressive proliferation and compexification. Technological evolution continuously offers new tools to State Terrorism, tools government voraciously uses, openly showing that its subjects are its enemies it does not trusts, it controls, or tries controlling, in whatever aspects of their lives and thoughts, it wants to be able to repress and also to assassinate with extrajudicial practices make legal with various legal-administrative tools or simply using its Secret Police Disservices, its Death Squads, anyway legally covered and so totally unaccountable from the point of view of the ‘normal’, official, police and judiciary apparatuses.      

Now, the Modern Prince is in the stage of the dronization of its terrorist practices against its subjects. People to be assassinated, tortured or harassed/persecuted are automatically defined and assassinated, tortured or harassed/persecuted using drones. When there is, in the processes/procedures, in the “command chain”, some ‘human’ intervention, the ‘human’ cannot, do not want, contradict automatic procedures and, more generally, what other louses as it expects from it.

Frequently, different levels of command have not control on what will be done and on the correctness of the provided information justifying a certain action. Different levels of command have only the function to deresponsibilize whatever actor or agent of the command chain. So that, if there are mistakes or errors relatively to predefined courses of action, no one be accountable.  

Is it all that reversible? It does not seem such, although criminals fear publicity, even if publicity does not seem to hamper State Terrorism but only showing that the large mass of subjects metabolizes and accepts to be reduces to impotent louses, or to remain such. After some decades of obsessive claiming, overall as offensive tool for enemy regimes’ crashing, of rights and human rights, the public awareness that that only was empty propaganda is simply accepted from the quite totality of subjects. Some marginal opposition to that is simply used from government, from power, for openly and arrogantly declaring its successfully imposed conformism and totalitarianism.    

The current dronization of State Terrorism wants to automatize extrajudicial assassinations and massacres making these automatically triggered on the simple hypothesis that a subjects may deviate from current mass conformism and brainwashing/lobotomization. Automatic procedures label subjects. Other automatic procedures are triggered from these labels and lead to automatic actions. 

Also the S/G-OS operations, and the equally already existent various forms of electronic torture and annihilation, will be implemented using drones both automatically self-activating, and provided of lists of targets created from psychopathic and criminal government functionaries. 

For deresponsibilizing single functionaries, governments and other power entities usually use committee-systems. However, it is sufficient submitting whatever insanity and crime, but in the proper form, and it is automatically approved. These committee-systems are just deresponsibilization techniques. De facto, whatever insane and criminal government [or other power entity] functionary may have, at certain levels, an unaccountable power.

Paradoxically, the official claiming that individuals have rights is a government/State technique for affirming its monopoly on  individuals’ ownership.

Government/State/Power affirms that people have rights and inalienable rights, so it establishes, time to time, who has rights and who has not, because nobody has rights and inalienable rights in front of power. Everybody has rights because no one has them in front of power. Sure they ‘have’... However power is power precisely because it can deny whoever and whatever right. So, actually, no one has rights.  

Overcoming slavery was a way for affirming that everybody was a slave, relatively to the Modern Prince, to contemporary government. Claiming that people have rights, inalienable rights, is a way for imposing the government/State monopoly relatively to these rights. In practice, one theoretically has rights, whatever right, until government denies them according to its indisputable decisions.

This government/State attitude is nowadays public, openly claimed. Government/State, power, continuously states that for defending “our rights”, “our liberties”, one has to renounce to them leaving government absolute and totalitarian powers. This is possible because rights and liberties never existed, apart from in propaganda, in official rhetoric.  

Even at theoretical level, it is a long time that theories about thestate of exceptionhave been stated. Anyway, also before this open theorizing, thestate of exceptionhas always been practiced. What is thestate of exception? Thestate of exceptionis the government possibility to transcend the rule of law in the name of a supposed public good. From whom is this public good defined? From the same people of the government. So the same source defines what the public good be and how to pursue it despite whatever rule of law.

There is a law for everybody, the so-calledrule of law, even if not really implemented in a fear and egalitarian way. At the same time, there is the power of government to legally do whatever it likes despite whatever law, so inventing the norms it needs. Whatever State/government crime is automatically legal even if illegal according to current laws. So State/government/power crimes do not exist because it automatically legalizes whatever crime it commit.

Nuremberg [and similar post-war trials]?! Just propaganda shows for further humiliating defeated enemies, suddenly transformed in allied after these purges-humiliations, after having occupied and submitted them!   

Thestate of exceptionis a permanentstate of emergencywithout the need to be openly declared and where government creates and even invents the reasons for this permanent emergency, exception. It is what nowadays openly happens.  

International conventions and UN statements are just fried air. They are just propaganda. Governments/States/Powers hire and pay intellectuals. These intellectuals write propaganda declarations, and claim and teach that a rights’ new era opened. It is just brainwashing for the masses of subjects. 

Universal suffrage progresses with the progression of the advertising industry, which is a brainwashing industry. By universal suffrage, people are made active protagonists of their oppression. Individuals have the right to vote and to be voted, what is a false power anyway disappears just the vote is cast. Actually, the non-voting people have more power because they show not to be so idiot and so deceivable.

One votes and has no power over the people one has voted. Also the elected politician, or other institutional figure, is taken in charge by superior forces managing him/her in various ways. Parliaments are growing bureaucracies with no real power for the people’s supposed representatives.

On the other side, whatever real democracy would make impossible to govern, although the fiction of democracy be not a solution to this contradiction. ‘Democracy’ has been presented as a value and an acquisition while it be actually impossible and it exist nowhere. The same economic freedoms, “economic democracy”, are subjected to the despotic uncertainties of government allowing or allowing not, also by illegal means, private economic activities. Everything exists, of course, ...but only until power allows it! So nothing exists outside power’s will.  

Power finally obeys to chaotic dynamics with uncertain outcomes and with no precise logic. It reside nowhere, even if it may be exercised or implemented only because there are people in some way obeying to these giving, at the various level, orders. That does not solve the questions, deadlocks and pitfalls produced from the immanent reality that the subjects executing orders execute what they understand, in the way they can and also with further “white noise”. Even the dronization and automatization of power does not solve these questions, deadlocks and pitfalls.          

The more a State/government is extended, the more it is penetrative, the more it practices various forms of prebendalism, patrimonialism, neopatrimonialism. Of course, these concepts are used about and against the others, the ‘inferiors’, the States/governments the Empire wants to dominate and eventually to annihilate. So, finally, these concepts are used as propaganda concepts, while they well describe the reality of power and government also of the Empire, Empire which extends its power tentacles on all the countries of the world, or in the large majority of them, even in areas formally outside its alliance networks, even in officially claimed opposite camps. 

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