Letter from Lhasa, number 343. Forget Strategy. Get Results

Letter from Lhasa, number 343. Forget Strategy. Get Results

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Tobin, M.,Forget Strategy. Get Results. Radical Management Attitudes That Will Deliver Outstanding Success, Wiley, 2014.

(Tobin 2014).

Michael Tobin

This a book about thinking differently. One needs constantly rethinking the way one does what one does. You always operate in adverse waters. For success, you need to think differently and to find inventive solutions.

Even if some fear is normal and immanent, it is better to act as one were fearless, so to remove whatever fear. Usually, people fear what does not exist or what they do not know. So, appreciate the excitement and take the lesson from whatever situation. Danger is real while fear is a choice, a paralyzing choice. Consequently, it needs to be eliminated. 

The author presents his four freedoms for business.

1. The freedom to have a vision. A vision is better than a strategy. A strategy may even be absolutely useless and harmless. A vision is liberating and it is adaptive relatively to changing contexts.

2. The freedom to do things differently. “Best practice” creates patterns are ways for not solving problems, for replicating them. Innovative ways create and exploit new chances. 

3. The freedom that technology offers. Technology is now ubiquitous and assists those who know how to exploit it even only as simple users.

4. The freedom to trust your instincts and your staff.

Flexibility. Vision is flexible, while strategy is rigid and static. When you have nothing to prove anymore, and you are beyond the fear of being broken in front of other people, you are ready to absorb new ideas.

Facing unhappy situations, there are basically three options: love it, leave it, change it. There is also a fourth one, do nothing, although for one going on disliking one’s own situation be really not a great choice. Of course, in extreme cases, no one of this options works. In such a case, one has to pursue other, decidedly more difficult perhaps, options. It is quite different if the problems are inside you or they are stick on you from external omnipotent forces. In the former case, you are part of the problem[s]. In the latter, you have to deal with apparently unsolvable problems elsewhere created and made to appear as your problems. They are ‘yours’ only because they are made to happen to you while not really depending on you.      

Failure is part of life and of business. Anyway, don’t let you to be influenced by what other people think or seem to think. In addition, between success and failure there is a wide range of possibilities. Failure is not bad by itself. It is only bad the inability to learn from it. Don’t worry too much about mistakes if you can learn from them.

The fear of failure may be of some help but not when it paralyzes you. In such a case, it transforms from a normal and physiological anxiety into absolute paralysis, failure without even trying, or apparently trying although actually pursuing fiasco. 

The greatest successes come from the faith to take risk, more than from business skills.

The best way to sell a product is to sell yourself. Selling yourself is the beginning of everything.

Only faith drives you through difficult times, when everything seems lost. Faith in what? Faith... ...Just faith!

A vicious circle may be broken by extremely atypical means. Sometimes, it is just a question of fortune. When you act, fortune will assist you!

Use adverse experiences for creating and strengthening your fortitude.

In business, one needs to have fun from what one be doing.

Tobin, M.,Forget Strategy. Get Results. Radical Management Attitudes That Will Deliver Outstanding Success, Wiley, 2014. 

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#1 azara 09-05-2014 08:47
Seria bom se todos nos pudéssemos ter novas atitudes.

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