Letter from Lhasa, number 334. It is not Zersetzen. It is S/G-OS, alias Disrupt & Discredit [D&D] or

Letter from Lhasa, number 334. It is notZersetzen. It is S/G-OS,aliasDisrupt & Discredit [D&D] or Vigorous Harassment

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

This work,Zersetzen/Zersetzung, in its different releases, is variously deceptive while vividly representing the reality ofState/Government-Organised Stalking[S/G-OS],alias, in Secret Police/government jargon,Disrupt & Discredit[D&D] orVigorous Harassment[VH].

Its general frame is deceptive. It uses the elements of S/G-OS for collocating them in a frame showing this kind of clandestine operations as a deviation from some hypothetical right way. On the contrary, S/G-OS is key part of the war of The Prince / State / Government for destroying and keeping annihilated society/sociality and people.

Society/Sociality is independent relatively to State/government, where and if it exist. Consequently, State/government needs to liquidate it until its roots, family and individuality. That is realized in different ways. S/G-OS operations are Secret Police,aliasgovernment, clandestine operations targeting individuals and their relational sphere.

S/G-OS operations do not target ‘dissidents’. They try to create terrorism, revolt, to be manipulated, managed and hetero-led. There is no possible comparison withStasiorGestapotechniques. Whatever comparison is highly deceptive.

S/G-OS is a classic police scheme with government ordering its Secret Police departments to create terrorists and terrorisms. It is not a persecution for making a dissident unemployed and variously discredited. Not only that. Certainly, an S/G-OS operation wants its target unemployed, discredited, disrupted and obstructed in its current patterns of life and environments, but only of pushing it to some different, predetermined [from the Secret Police in charge of the operation], way.

If power wants a target liquidated, it liquidates it. An assassination is rapid and usually easy. If all legal ways are obstructed, for the target, it is because power wants to push the target to the only option apparently let opened and variously indirectly suggested to the target.  

S/G-OS has a totalitarian program: “The target must not work, formally study, live. The target must be pushed to clandestinity/illegality.” In fact the Secret Police officer in charge of a certain S/G-OS operation creates or activates parallel militias on the working place, study place and living place of the target for its permanent harassment and obstruction.

The current life of the target is banned. It must be pushed to a different, predetermined, direction.

Of course, firstly, a Secret Police officer directly asks for and gets the cooperation of the top levels, of the people in charge, of the operating theatres, what means owners, managers, headmasters, rectors. Got their cooperation and activation against the target, the Secret Police officer directly or indirectly organizes parallel militias for attacking and obstructing the target’s current activities.

In an S/G-OS operation, everything must appear as casual to the target. This is another key element of the NATO manuals (elaborated with the help of academicians or pseudo-academicians) about the implementation of S/G-OS operations.

More than “character assassination”, S/G-OS is a character building. It states how one person should behave, who and what the target should impersonate. “We ban you from your current life while we tell you that you already are...”

That is done according to a pseudo-sociological theory that if one is insistently told to be something or somebody, one will conform to these unanimously suggested expectations. It is not actually so easy, although this theory be founded on some normal mythomania and conformism there be in anybody.

Not only. This theory might work on a soldier, on a cop, on a ‘normal’ paranoid personality. Soldiers, cops, Statesmen/women, criminologists, academicians have invented a clandestine operation fit for themselves, thinking that it would have worked with everybody else. 

For instance, they hypothesize that if, in a group, you tell a pupil that he/she is the best, the most intelligent, and you treat him/her consistently with these assertions, he/she’ll excel and become the first of the group, while it you tell him/her that he/she is the worst, absolutely worthless, and you treat him/her consistently with these assertions, he/she will get miserable results. It is not so easy. Even if there were the cooperation of the family of the target and a generalized mobbing against it, it is not at all certain that this para- o pseudo-psychological, -sociological and -anthropological theory could work. It could partially work in some cases. It could be irrelevant in other cases. It could produce opposite results with certain subjects.

Statesmen/women, soldiers and cops, bureaucrats, academicians, and other supposed specialists and consultants, do not understand each other. They use different jargons and obey to different conditioned reflexes. They cannot effectively communicate. Over this incommunicability paradigm, and over their reciprocal non-understanding and misunderstanding they have created State Terrorism operations, S/G-OS included. All their State Terrorism operations are vicious creations coming from reciprocally non-understanding and misunderstanding vicious minds and personalities.   

It is highly deceptive, and self-absolving, even only to suggest that S/G-OS and other people persecution and exploitation techniques come from other sources [Stasietc]. The UK and the USA are masters in everything. Of course their clients too. These are anyway universal police and bureaucratic techniques used for evil purposes.

If one wants to be more precise, it is quite sure that ancient Empires/States/governments already knew and practised all the various forms of State Terrorism, S/G-OS included. Unfortunately, the art and the technology of power are the art and the technology of manipulating other people.

All these deceptions about S/G-OS and other persecutions, harassment, tortures, are spread thanks to the internet for confusing people, for cheating real targets, for influencing non-TI [Targeted Individual] psychopaths so that they could absolve themselves convincing themselves that they be insane since external forces, so that they be not really insane but only subjugated from somebody or something else. These non-TI psychopaths are very useful for permitting State/government agents to claim that all people telling that they are under S/G-OS be actually psychopaths inventing everything.

Of course, it is possible to be a psychopath and a TI too. Secret Police agents and the Statesmen/women signing S/G-OS, and other persecutions and crimes, secret decrees, as well as their academic advisers, bureaucrats, and their militians on the field, are super-psychopaths. Differently they could not order, implement, be involved in such insanities and crimes.

Similarly, there are real S/G-OS TIs convinced from all these deceptions of being targets also or only of something else. A full awareness of that be happening is extremely rare.

While many people are ashamed or unaware of what be really happening to them, online one can discover abundance of just psychopaths having suddenly discovered the literature about S/G-OS and other forms of State Terrorism, and using this literature for self-deresponsabilizing relatively to their pathologies. They create an external absolution while the problem is inside them. These fake TIs are created and encouraged from the massive State/government-spread deception there is online. That is done for slandering and discouraging real TIs.  

Another deception is about “Secret Services”. It is not a question of secret and intelligence services. Without Secret Police powers there are not S/G-OS and other State/government-organized persecutions, harassment, tortures, insanities and crimes.

Secret Police departments and officers are by whatever military, para-military, police and para-police, or also other corps. They are even by Refugee Boards and Courts. Of course, they call themselves in other ways or in no way, not “Secret Police Unit [or whatever]” of a certain bureaucracy. They have special cards-regulations according them the power to commit crimes (whatever crime), to obstruct or to promote judiciary actions, to be legally unaccountable, of course under tight institutional orders and control.     

It is better to underline that these operations of State Terrorism are illegal according to the current ‘normal’ law although they be not at all illegal since there is a precise legal frame allowing them and covering them by the State Secret. There are laws according extraordinary powers to government, included the power to commit crimes for actually vague “reasons of State security” or similar concepts or claims.

Since it is impossible to really control government, and no really independent source could determine whether there really be or not any “reasons of State security”, it is sufficient to claim that there be for getting infinite powers, outside whatever current law, for covering whatever crime and with the cover of the State Secret. Consequently, no judiciary could ever inquiry just a “reason of State security”, with annexed State Secret, be raised. In addition, the State Secret makes impossible, for whomever, to know anything about crimes committed under the claim of the “reasons of State security”. Whatever secondary or relevant episode of State Terrorism, from an unknown assassination to 9/11, is ordered, implemented and covered using this legal frame.

This legal frame is created and works in this way, in whatever country of the world:

1. Laws accord special powers to government for “reasons of State security” and with the connected State Secret. These laws give government the power to further regulate the matter by specific and detailed regulations.

2. By government-created regulations, Secret Police departments and officers are instituted by various military, para-military, police and para-police, or also other corps. A Secret Police officer has the legal power, on government orders, to commit crimes, to give orders to the judiciary, as well to whatever public bureaucracy. Consequently, he/she can easily get the obedience of whomever and whatever. 

3. For whatever operation of State Terrorism, a government secret decree is necessary. No Secret Police officer would be involved in assassinations and massacres, as well as in persecutions etc, without being sure to be legally unaccountable, so without full legal cover.

For each S/G-OS operation, as well as for assassinations etc, there is a government secret decree for each single TI. It is as the assassination “executive orders” of the US Presidents. In countries where there is not a monocratic power, both the head of State and the formal government (head of the government and one or more ministers), eventually also parliament, need to sign these secret decrees. If one signature lacks, nothing can be done.

Wherever and whenever there be terrorist operations from hetero-led terrorist groups, there is a previous secret decree of the formal institutions of that country to one of its Secret Police departments or officers. Eventually, for intra-institutional feuds, some assassinations or other crimes are masked behind other frames, so that formal Statesmen/women sign something different from a decree with the formal name of the target.

The coup d’État against Kennedy was an operation clearly could not be done with the signature of the target. For the Moro assassination, Giulio Andreotti, who ordered it for hampering him from becoming President of the Republic in a few months, covered himself behind NATO frames. For S/G-OS operations, electronic tortureet similia(improperly called “mind control”), there are specific decrees for each target. TheState Secretcovers the same existence of all these criminal and insane operations.

There are clandestine operations of State Terrorism and there is the State Secret not only about them but also about their same existence. It is not allowed to talk about them. If there are questions about them, government has the legal power, actually the legal duty, to lie so to legally claim that they do not exist. According to this occult legislation (but deriving from parliamentary public laws giving government special powers “for reasons of State security”, for whatever “state of exception”, “state of emergency”et similia, also mini-exceptions and emergencies), government is absolutely unaccountable relatively to whatever current legality. The Prince, the Sovereign, can do whatever he wants since he apodictically acts for the public good. In the name of this public good, he has the right and the duty to transcend the rule of law. Since “the public good” is practically indefinable, this supposed public good allows government to do whatever it want.       

Manipulating media, as well as idiotic people believing them, tales about ‘Illuminates’, ‘Reptilians’ etc are widely spread. More precisely, ‘Reptilians’, intended as parallel realities interfering with our visible one, other dimensions for instance, are perhaps possible. We cannot anyway discuss what we cannot see or infer. ‘Illuminati’ intended as a mysterious secret lodge governing humanity, is something impossible. Secret lodges are Secret Police-controlled and led entities. More powerful of the most powerful governments are only the few people/networks controlling them. They are bureaucratic and private oligarchies. They do not have a name. They are not a society or a club. They are networks. Sometimes they have rites, although inessential.

The author of this work, a real TI (or, at least, he decidedly seems such for what he describes), although understanding his troubles come from State/government apparatuses, does not show any comprehension of bureaucratic command chains. MI5/6 and CSIS act on formal government orders, what means secret decrees signed from Prime Ministers, Ministers, Royal House, with a formal statement that one is targeted, submitted to S/G-OS, since some “reason of State security”. Nothing could happen without the written order of these entities. The government secret decree states the characteristics of the S/G-OS, which anyway follows patterns precisely defined in NATO manuals. However variations are always possible according to the supposed characteristics of the target and according to what be wanted it to do.

Psychological profiles of the targets are elaborated for each S/G-OS operation, although they be highly unreliable. They are elaborated from insane, criminal and ignorant soldiers and cops in constant interactions with psychopath academicians or pseudo-academician, researcher or pseudo-researches, and basically evil people supposedly near to the TI, as family members, relatives, acquaintances, ‘friends’ or supposed such.

Since committees govern such clandestine operations, everything needs to appear plausible. For appearing plausible, each party of this committee work tries to minimise its own risks of appearing wrong. It is a bureaucratic law. Success is not important. Instead one needs to minimize one’s own risks.

For a bureaucracy, it is preferable a sure moderate [or felt as moderate] failure than the risk of a real failure as a consequence of having operated for a real success. A bureaucracy likes irresponsibility so that an eventual success be a common one, while a failure without any detectable responsible. Something of the kind: “We have followed predetermined and unanimously accepted procedures.” For whatever bureaucrat, it is better to be wrong with whomever else than to risk to achieve success alone.

Consequently, whatever be told and written, about the target, relies on the ground of banality and obviousness. What means that such psychological profiles, for such S/G-OS operations, do not work. It would be anyway highly doubtful that even with a precise psychological profile of the target such S/G-OS implementation committees could ever elaborate a personalized S/G-OS. They just simulate to do what they cannot actually do.

Anyway, the S/G-OS goes on along its traditional program: “The target must not work, formally study, live. The target must be pushed to clandestinity/illegality.” When a target unmasks such operations, so they are really and clamorously failed, the S/G-OS program becomes: “The target must not work, formally study, live. The target must be psychologically and physically annihilated and removed.” It is a war can evolve in different ways according to specific conditions. There are too many variables making substantially indefinable the outcomes of such fights or interactions.

The stalkers’ mortality is decidedly high, while an S/G-OS operation is not an open and direct assassination of the target. So, an S/G-OS operation can last decades with very high costs for government and its militians, and with growing government discredit if its activities become public.

The author well represents the deniability (from power/government) of what purposely happens. ‘They’ do everything (apart from what one, although a real TI, if too emotional, might sometimes imagine they do while they be not actually doing) while they want to convince even you that you, not them, have some problem. In their favour, there is that talking about such things may be perceived as self-discrediting, for a target.

Of course, it depends on the way one publicly talk about what they do. One needs to find an unemotional way and also a mass media-style way for relating what happening. People believe more to what published than to what told, about these matters. It is better not to talk too much. It is more proper and useful to extensively write.

There are many fake TIs, or also real ones, using emotional approaches and an overcharged expressive style. Nobody usually contradicts emotional presentations. What is not sure is that someone might really believe them, apart from other fake TIs so creating a self propelling community of fake although uncontradictable subjects. However this mass of fake TIs is easily used for discrediting real cases, if some government agent is sent in special mission on forums and para-forums.    

Another aspects usually undervalued is that it is easier, for power, to manipulate organizations, groups, instead than individuals. Not only the apparent strength of a group is the number of its members, so its fake cases contribute to its apparent strength. Even a pure group of real TIs is easily manipulable from power, since innate group dynamics.

For instance, there are mass petitions, or also lawsuits, even continuously repeated, in some cases. It would be senseless opposing them, because one would seem sent from power/government for avoiding clamours, although one could abstain from participating. However, despite the honesty of the promoters, which is always difficult to assess (as it is usually impossible or problematic to know whether and how an activist be manipulated), is it really useful or instead is counterproductive to show an indestructible faith on the some powers/governments/institutions striking you? Of course, also petitions and lawsuits may be forms of denunciation, although the denunciation work might be more effective in other ways than through petitions and lawsuits where languages/jargons are more restricted since the formality of these acts.    

Unity and organization can be strength, in certain matters. They are not such in matters of individual rights and freedoms where whatever unity and organization not only recreate authoritarian patterns but they are also inevitably manipulated from power.      

An additional aspect, absolutely ignored, since people do not understand bureaucratic procedures, and how legal and psychological aspects be filtered by bureaucracies, is the building of a target.

We must start by saying that from the point of view of what State/government and power be, interpersonal links of submission, dependency, ownership over other people, there is no difference between current times and feudal and anterior ones. The Prince / State / government / bureaucracies are considered [or they consider themselves and act as] owners of those improperly called citizens.

The etymological meaning of ‘citizen’ is inhabitant of a city or town, although its historical meaning be that of titular of rights as a freeman. This ownership/entitlement of rights has being largely claimed although it largely be appearance.

Even when the vote of everybody became officially equal, with the same formal power, it has been manipulated before and perverted later the instant of its formal expression. It is absolutely inevitable that wealth and material power weight more than a formal expression of will. In addition, there never is a pure expression of will, instead just the expression of a preference among a predetermined range of possibilities. When means that also the moment of the expression of a supposed free will is manipulated or perverted from those owning real power. One can choose among predefined choices. Whatever the majority choose, there are not real differences. 

All that can happen because people are not equal. They cannot be equal. Dependency/Ownership of individuals from other people and property rights over other people are going on also if not declared as such.   

If there is no substantial difference, about the property and dependency of individuals from The Prince, the complexification of power makes it less monocratic, more similar to a network also if with hierarchies inside it, although even in ancient time there was not absolute monocracy. Power always has been a complex matter.

There are networks of hierarchies, not monocratic hierarchies. Consequently, the more power becomes more complex, the more usual proprietary rules are adapted to this complexification of power. Actually, as already told, power as not absolutely monocratic and as a network is not a novelty of nowadays realities. However, now, there is certainly abundance, a real proliferation, of committees (soviets), and of routinary and procedural ways of decision.

Committees/soviets, as whatever ‘democratic’ technique, exalt the worst of people. Also absolute power does that, being it highly depended from who the monocratic decision makers be. We have no preference and no solution. We are only expressing how reality be, of course from the point of view of who is now writing here.

Unfortunately, State Terrorism, is its various forms, does not seem a pathology just of nowadays times. That should induce whatever political scientist, social analyst etc, if there really are (or are there only power cantors?), to question the evil nature of power. We are not proposing any anarchist alternative. The game of ‘alternatives’ is a tricked game.

State/government evidently has an innate evil nature. The absence of some external order would be perhaps even worse. We have not the custom to suggest imaginative sugary utopias. Freely discussing problems is more scientific and intellectually honest than recurring to current servile stereotypes and idiosyncrasies as academicians and other subjects usually do.

Not only freedoms’/liberties’ questions contradict current propagandas. Also what had been called ‘democracy’, although presented as very sounding, presents insuperable theoretical, practical, factual problems.

The mechanism of whatever committee/soviet is that whatever member, for not being excluded and discriminated, behaves as he/she thinks the other people would expect he/she behave. As a result of that, whatever collective/democratic structure (committee/soviet) creates as a generalized conformism at the worst possible level. There is a kind of competition for not being worse than the other ones, of course ‘worse’ while appearing absolutely reasonable. This not being worse actually means not being better than other ones, because noble feelings are not usually appreciated. Instead apparently reasonable worse ones are.

All that resolves in a combination of infamy, evil, paranoia, schizophrenia, eventually masking everything behind sugary feelings, for appearing absolutely conformist, the most conformist. ‘Democracy’ cannot work without conformism. At the same time, conformism is the grave of whatever really human and positive impulse, so of whatever freedom.   

‘Democracy’ works in this way. You need to be wrong together with other people instead than right alone. Wherever there be committees/soviets, what occurs everywhere in nowadays world, that is what happens.

That is what takes places also in current State Terrorism. Even the Presidents of the USA and the British Crown decide assassinations and persecutions through committees, not individually.

Function of routines and procedures is avoiding thinking, so automatizing decisions. Useful in certain fields, they become deresponsabilization of the decision makers, in matters of rights and freedoms. There is an additional element. Whatever criminal machine deresponsabilizes its cogs, its members, fragmenting the different aspects of its working.

Taylorism has a double face: efficiency and deresponsabilization. The cogs of a mechanism have no apparent responsibility about what the machine be doing. If the same decision maker is a secret one or, anyway, a collective one, no one is responsible for whatever might be ordered to a criminal machine. These are traditional techniques of bureaucratic deresponsabilization. No one has moral and legal responsibility of whatever.  

That is even more evident with drones. They are also physically distant from decision makers and executers, who act according to confuse information.  

 A target, a TI, is not abstractly selected. The State Terrorist machine is an adaptive machine. A target needs to be built. One of the goals of an S/G-OS operation is to isolate the target. However, until a target is not isolated, or sufficiently isolated, an S/G-OS operation may not start.

First, someone needs to propose someone else as a target, as a potential TI. There is a kind of candidacy process. It may be an intra-institutional feud, where somebody more powerful proposes the liquidation of a competitor. It may be a company, a public bureaucracy, a family or its factions, a political party or a trade union, or the same Secret Police, by one of its officers, or as a collective request, for some further evil utilization of a certain individual.

The first application is of this kind: “We highlight this subject, because xxx, forDisrupt&Discredit[D&D] orVigorous Harassment”,aliasfor S/G-OS, or also for worse programs.     

If the application is deemed, and not simply discharged, so if the Secret Police / government is interested in it, the Secret Police / government needs to built a consensus around it. In practice, it needs to verify that the potential target be not covered from some powerful or relevant entity, be it a political party, a trade union, a family, a public bureaucracy, a Masonic lodge, a relevant company or other private or non-private interest.

Verified that a potential target is uncovered or without relevant cover, the proposal of the clandestine operation against a specific target is submitted to real government, in its different branches [head of State, head of the formal government, competent ministers, a competent Parliament commission], and a secret decree with the name of the target and the characteristics of the clandestine operation against it is issued, or it is not if the real government is not unanimous about that. Such decrees may be later changed, updated, upgraded or downgraded.

An operation may be rectified, cancelled, upgraded or downgraded in various ways, extended abroad but now with other entities agreement and co-participation. “Other entities” means, for instance, NATO what means worldwide extension since the Anglo-Americans have the control of nearly the whole world, even of the large majority of apparently enemies countries/States/governments, in these matters.

Yes, even apparently enemy countries actually cooperate in matters of State Terrorism. Usually, there are not national or unfriendliness barriers, for persecutions and other crimes. Even the refugees industry is a tricked market where individuals are sold and bought. “You where honest there. We make you our criminal here!”   

Of course, since it is everything secret, relatively to the target, and covered from the State Secret (what means that may not even be told that such operations exist), there is total official denial even when the target becomes absolutely aware of what be going on. At the same time, different justifications/lies are provided to the different cogs of the insane and criminal S/G-OS [or other operation] machine. Many of them are irregulars, with high mortality. Finally, State/government and its parallel militias are more annihilated than their targets.  

This paper, from Mr. Roderick Russell, is very valuable as a testimony of a real case of very harsh S/G-OS. Classic S/G-OS usually avoids any physical contact and any direct physical harm of the target, while in this case there is this variation. Classic S/G-OS wants to convince the target that everything be casual and he be a misfit person, while here the attack is frontal and absolutely evident. Here, the direct family of the S/G-OS target is directly attacked together with the main target, so directly involved, as additional targets, in the same S/G-OS operation. We have not many details about the original family and the enlarged family of the target. However the direct family (wife and children) of the target has not been broken up, so it is variously attacked in all its members.

It is absolutely evident that the formal institutional orders to attack the target and his family by a very harsh S/G-OS come from governments, PMs and ministers + Royal House and Parliament (which devolve their powers on these matters to useless Commissions not interfering with whatever Secret Police / government insanity and crime), while the main target, Mr. Roderick Russell, seems to believe that “Secret Services” give orders to government.

The ‘applicant’ for the harsh S/G-OS operation against the target clearly is Grosvenor, for what the target tells in this paper. He seems to have broken some unwritten agreement that a job for this company is a job for life, without any possibility of leaving it. Probably there are also other aspects he may not tell.    

At page 42-43, the author asks why media be “so fearful of the intelligence agencies?” Nobody, apart from people’s innate conformism, is fearful of whatever “intelligence agency”. On the contrary, nearly everybody is fearful of somebody, a Secret Police officer, can ruin your life or even assassinate you while being legally unaccountable and precisely because legally unaccountable. No one has any defence apart from one’s own morality, what may not be of any practical utility. In addition, the average ‘animal’ is variously adaptive and without any intention to resist very powerful entities.

If one does not understand the command chain: institutions => Secret Police departments and officers => their legal unaccountability, and what a Secret Police and Secret Government be, clearly one tries to discuss silly questions and giving senseless answers.

It is not a ‘banal’ question of “corrupted power elites”. It is something decidedly more terrible. There is the formal law. Government has the formal and legal power to violate this formal law while enjoying absolute unaccountability.  

In presence of an apparently irresistible power attacking you, the average subject escapes, subtracts oneself or, eventually, looks for your ‘defects’: “What have you done?”, “It is not possible they attack you!”, “Why you?”, “If they attack you, it surely is because you did something!”, “YOU must be guilty!”.  

Whatever lynching has its roots in the fear of the power ordering it and in the innate evil and sadism giving satisfaction when committing crimes in a condition of absolute unaccountability. There is an additional aspect. For people without any morality and without any real personal identity, lynching is constitutive of a personal and of a collective identity. The same lynching is an identity. “I am because I lynch in cooperation with other louses as me!”: this is the leitmotif of the common louse. 

Yes, as the author personally tested, ‘ordinary’ police corps, the CSIS-MI5/6 etc, formal institutions, the judiciary, media, Amnesty International, the Canadian Human Right Commission, the whole “Human Rights Industry”, whoever and whatever becomes a branch, militians, of the Secret Police just a Secret Police officer shows his/her card and says: “We need your help!”

Actually, people whose help (for committing insanities and crimes, for persecuting other people) is asked may subtract themselves, leave the operational theatre, but not oppose what is going on. They might easily become a Secret Police target.      

Of course, as the author states and proves, there is nothing extraordinary about his case. Persecutions are common and current government practice. Official ‘justice’ is perverted. Documents disappear. They can do whatever they want. ...You too...

Complaining to formal authorities/institutions is opposed from people in office and from their Secret Police apparatuses because the simulation that those in office know nothing must be preserved. Power must diffuse the myth, must instil the belief, that obscure forces be the only responsible of what actually is just State Terrorism.

The author is absolutely wrong when he mythicizes State Terrorism and its persecutions: “Zersetzen is a highly sophisticated and prolonged slander, intimidation and harassment campaign” (p. 47).

“Highly sophisticated”?! Secret Police officers show a card giving them absolute powers over other State/government apparatuses and absolute unaccountability. They are legally unaccountable insane and covered State/ government mafiosi and terrorists. By these powers, they persecute people on the working place, in educational institutions, in their living place and in whatever they do. With the same card/cover they organize and lead mafias and terrorist groups. For that, they use written manuals, what means pre-defined routines and procedures.

Where is the sophistication?! They are just insane and criminal chaps with total cover, so legally unaccountable, and at the orders of insane and criminal Statesmen/women. Cooperation with the academic world further broadens the area of responsibility and fragments the perception of being really committing insanities and crimes, so that each one of these louses (Statesmen/women, Secret Police officers, external ‘experts’, of course also their militians on the field) feels or simulates to feel as a cog of a big and unrestrainable machine. Each one feels or simulates to feel morally absolved and convinces oneself of acting for some highest reason of State, ...persecuting people, assassinating, organizing mafias and terrorisms. They are just obtuse and insane criminal psychopaths exalted by impunity.     

Yes, it is a sounding tale that Secret Police departments be out of control. Simply, it is not possible. They want YOU believe that they be out of control. In this way, nobody is morally and politically responsible. They already have legal unaccountability, but only when they act under institutional control and act on institutional order.

They want you believe that there be obscure forces, secret and indefinable conspiracies, elusive mysteries. It always very difficult to see what is just under your nose.

They do not want you know that. The belief that they be out of control solves whatever problem, from this point of view. On the contrary, they always are under tight institutional control: Crown, formal government, prime minister, ministers, parliament.

If somebody and something devolves or has been obliged to devolve one’s own power, there is anyway some final accountability, for instance of the Head of State, for instance the Crown, in the British Empire area. The same author argues about that (p. 49), while going on mixing this understanding with the claim that secret apparatuses be out of control.

The only limit they have consists in their bureaucratic routines and procedure. Their committee/soviet structure is also a restraint making them slow. If you are alone, you have no constraint, and you can act rapidly, if you have no fear. 

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