Survive (versão em inglês de sobrevivendo)


Compositor: Deosdethe Junior/ Otavio Avalos

Blood, tears and power
Light, darkness and souls
Angels, demons and humans
Good, evil and me

All passed quickly
Did not believe
Nothing to stayed even
Never stay again

To save me
To save who i love
I run, ran for there
I ran for the dead

To survive
I fight

To survive

I kill

To survive

I become a survivor
A survivor of that side who i love

To live
I loved

To live

I smiled

To live

I kidding
Even if not wanted

I do not know when it will end
Maybe with my death
Maybe with their death

But i know
I will continue fighting
While there

One me

Because they are
Why i'm fighting
Because they are
Why i'm surviving

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Atualizado em: Qua 23 Jan 2013

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