Letter from Lhasa, number 298. The Monti’s Agenda is a corruption’s agenda

Letter from Lhasa, number 298. The Monti’s Agenda is a corruption’s agenda

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Monti, M., Cambiare l’Italia, riformare l’Europa. Un’agenda per un impegno comune. Primo contributo ad una riflessione aperta, 23 December 2012.

(Monti 2012).

Mario Monti

The Monti’s Agenda is a classic Italiotic fraud. It is the usual list of things to be done in the future, while now nobody did anything and be doing anything.

Technical governments are coup d’État governments. Of course, they always have parliamentary support. Such was the Monti government, put in office as outcome of one of the usual coups d’État of the Quirinale (the Presidency of the Republic under Anglo-American and German control) against governments coming out from general elections.

Since Mr. Berlusconi is considered an outsider, relatively to predatory bureaucracies and oligarchies, so not titled/authorised to really be in office, not only he is de facto deprived from whatever control on Secret Police corps (which are anyway under the subversive supervision of the Presidency of the Republic, as all governments and Parliaments since 23 May 1992), but he is under constant assault from the Carabinieri-NATO Secret Police corps, with annexed judiciary, at Quirinale orders. The November 2011 coup d’État was the outcome of one of this assaults.

Since the impossibility to destroy Berlusconi by mafia and corruption inquires (ordered to the Palermo and Milan, as well as other, Prosecution Offices under tight Quirinale-Carabinieri Secret Police control, since when Berlusconi formally entered politics in January 1994), President Napolitano ordered to involved Mr. Berlusconi in some sexual dirty scandal. So, hundreds of investigators, with annexed judiciary, were unleashed with this goal.

As usual, the Quirinale, with Anglo-American and German, full support, internationally defamed Mr. Berlusconi representing him as his main concern and activity were to organize orgies and participating in them. Internationally defamed again, in this way, Berlusconi and his government, it was claimed by media, largely under control of the Quirinale-Carabinieri Secret Police corps, that the solution to financial problems (the relative high rates of the public debt bills) were to replace Berlusconi with the London’s Mason, welcome to the Germans, Mario Monti.

Actually, the responsibility of the financial problems and of the out-of-control public debt was of the Quirinale-bureaucratic-oligarchic bloc that, in 2006, rejected the Berlusconi Constitution which gave real power to formal governments and to electors. With a government able to really govern, without the constant threats of the predatory bureaucracies and oligarchies whose institutional cupola is the Quirinale, both bureaucratic reform and public debt could be dealt in some effective and efficient way. Not casually, such Constitutional reform would have permitted governs to govern and would have deprived the Quirinale of its coup d’État power, was obsessively assaulted by media and massively rejected from brainwashed voters.

What did Monti, in his one year government? He did nothing, from the point of view of a real institutional reform permitting governs to govern. He was put in office from the predatory bureaucratic and oligarchic bloc refused whatever institutional frame could obstruct its predations and from a Germany only concerned in rapidly marginalizing Italy also from the point view of its real revenues, after that Italian industries were progressively sunk and destroyed since the joint action of Italiotic predatory bureaucracies and oligarchies, and of Anglo-American and German interests.

In one year of Monti government, despite it claimed expenditure massive cuts, taxation dramatically increased and pubic debt equally increased, what means that State expenditure considerably increased, and it increased only for bureaucratic and oligarchic predations. Central and local governments are going on with the corrupted bureaucracies’ practice of not paying suppliers, so many small and middles size companies close only because they are not paid from government and they cannot access credit. With high public debt and its relatively high rates, banks feel safer investing in public debt bills instead of providing credit to small and middle size companies. On the contrary, the predatory area has not any problem to access low rate credit.           

In Italy, public debt could be reimbursed in 3 years and growth rates dramatically increased (now there is a kind of permanent recession or stagnation) by cutting public current expenditure (which largely is wastes and predation) of 75% (and using investment expenditure not for financing useless public works, as it is done now, but for effective maintenance).

That would mean to put on the labour market now useless bureaucrats while, still while reimbursing public debt, the now impossible fiscal pressure could begin to be cut. At reimbursed public debt, fiscal pressure could be drastically cut. Such an operation would immediately create the expectations of a rapid and drastic cut of taxation. The whole economy would receive a strong and long lasting positive shock.

Of course, no comprador-predatory bureaucracy and oligarchy would allow that. So, they invent the Montis.  

Actually, the first necessary (from a developmental point of view) reform would be the institutional reform (a reapproval of the 2006 Berlusconi Constitution would be perfect, as a first possible step), because, without it, no government has the power to really govern, so to do anything.

What are the Monti proposals? Fried air:

1. An electoral system not guaranteeing any parliamentary majority.

2. A partial reimbursement of the public debt, 5% a year ...from 2015!, until stabilising it to 60% GDP. How with a formal government can only depress economy by increasing taxation while not even paying suppliers?

3. The usual predation of the public patrimony.

When a State cannot efficiently manage its resources, it cannot efficiently privatise anything. For instance, in the past, at the times of the Andreotti-Berlinguer regime, as a great bureaucratic predation, were de facto stolen, with the full agreement of all the corporations, the pension funds (various times the present public debt). Now, pension public boards have no capitalization. When, with the 1992 coup d’État / Great Purge, there was the privatisation mania, public debt dramatically increased from 100% to 125% GDP while State and local council companies were refinanced with public funds and stolen from predatory oligarchies.    

Check The Monti’s Agenda. It is the usual list of things they have not done and they cannot do, with various tricks for going on with bureaucratic and oligarchic predations. On the other side, the predatory-comprador bloc put Monti in office with the agreement of a Germany is progressively marginalizing all the ethnically not Germanic areas.

The 2011 Napolitano-Quirinale coup d’État was the usual underdevelopmental coup d’État, not a developmental one. The Carabinieri-Quirinale-NATO Secret Police / Death Squads, with annexed judiciary, are a comprador underdevelopmental bureaucracy in Italy, nothing else. They are criminal and maniacal comprador soldiers at the service of institutions controlled from the predatory bureaucracies and oligarchies.  

The goal of The Monti’s Agenda is just a politicking operation for exploiting the brainwashing in favour of Monti operated from media massively under tight control of the Carabinieri-Quirinale-NATO Secret Police / Death Squads, with annexed judiciary, for trying increasing of some percentage points the votes of the corrupted populist pseudo-centre of Casini-Montezemolo, for a Senate without any majority. On the contrary, thanks to the Berlusconi electoral law, the Camera will have a sure 55% majority.

Actually, more precisely, this 55% will be the outcome of two parties, if the lefts will gain election, with the far-leftists always used from the Quirinale for collapsing lefts’ governments. For this reason the Quirinale wanted them with a PD could better win without leftist allies. General elections are won in the centre. Here, the centre is devastated from the Carabinieri-Quirinale-NATO Secret Police / Death Squads, with annexed judiciary.  

Created such a situation, Monti hopes to be elected either President of the Republic or dictator of a new and useless technical/coup d’État government for perpetuating the bureaucratic and oligarchic predation, and for the pro-German further controlled sinking of Italy. Sunk France, which structurally (check the occupation rate, a good proxy for a variety of indexes) is in bad conditions, the German sub-Empire will be solidly established.

Despite current vulgates, the main responsibilities are of internal comprador predatory bureaucracies and oligarchies, not of external irresistible forces. The euro is not guilty. Look beside you! Look at yourselves! With ‘national’ currencies you would sunk even speedier.

Debt is the problem not the solution. Idem inefficient and predatory States.

Monti, M., Cambiare l’Italia, riformare l’Europa. Un’agenda per un impegno comune. Primo contributo ad una riflessione aperta, 23 December 2012.

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