Letter from Lhasa, number 295. DiPietro’s Ad Ogni Costo

Letter from Lhasa, number 295. DiPietro’s Ad Ogni Costo

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Di Pietro, A., Ad ogni costo. Battaglie e proposte per un’altra Italia, Adriano Salani Editore, 2010.

(Di Pietro 2010).

Antonio Di Pietro

This book, a propaganda operation of Di Pietro and his political movement (IdV), opens with the introduction of Beppe Grillo, which is openly mystificatory. Grillo evidently subscribes the theory of the noble knights suddenly coming down from the skies in 1992 (for the 1992-93 Great Purge and further developments), someone also before. For Grillo, Di Pietro is one of them. When Grillo, otherwise apparently well documented and critical on ecological and connected questions, looks at Di Pietro, he suddenly becomes naive and acritical. Not casually, for him, Di Pietro is Kryptonite, “Kryptonite Di Pietro”, as Grillo calls him. Certainly there is some untellable link. ...The Carabinieri?

Di Pietro. If one is a son of a rich peasant and, after the high school, emigrates for a couple of years abroad as a common worker, it is because one is ambitious and wants a different life. If, in 1973, one becomes a civil servant by the military air force, one needs the security clearance from the Carabineri. Also in this way, the Carabinieri recruit informers, provocateurs, agents. If, in parallel, one attends university, and one’s university ‘career’ is covered from the State Secret (yes, the exams and the final project of the Di Pietro academic education are a well protected State Secret!), that means that there are irregularities covered from the same Carabinieri Secret Police one in same way served. If, despite various problems, one goes through a rapid career as local council secretary (a central State function), police commissar, magistrate in Prosecution Offices, it is not because one is lucky, but because one worked for the Carabinieri Secret Police. Final element: one is the central magistrate of a Great Purge (1992-93 and 1994 assault against the Berlusconi government), a typical Carabinieri Secret Police operation on institutional (Quirinale) orders.

It is of course possible that Di Pietro, who sometimes appears as in a confused state of mind, did not know what he was doing. For Grillo, he is anyway one of the white knights, a Robin Hood, suddenly appeared. Di Pietro always had an expensive style of life and also created a real estate small empire. Yes, in magistracy and in politics, certain people become rapidly rich. They are sui generis Robin Hood...

In addition, Di Pietro was saved from corruption trials since he had the custom to pretend and to accept bribes for him and his family. Magistracy declared that this was not a crime ...for him! Magistracy did not deny that he was factually responsible of such crimes. It simply declared that he must not be tried for them. Everything was solved outside court from a preliminary judge, different from a real trial. Judicially innocent is different from correct or honest. Only the Carabinieri Secret Police, at Quirinale orders, could save him from such trials, perhaps after that the same Quirinale induced him to leave magistracy indirectly using such crimes.

Of course, Di Pietro claims his complete innocence from whatever suspect, although in front of the preliminary judge, in Brescia, he was trembling and confusingly stuttering. For Grillo, Di Pietro is the incorruptible, incontrollable, free rider of Italian politics. Grillo raves...

Also since his personalistic management of his political party, Di Pietro has accumulated a vast real estate patrimony. Differently from other politicians, he was not charged and there was no request of arrest against him. He was only rapidly unmasked by media (second half 2012) and in some way sunk without excessive personal damages. For Grillo, it is not possible to buy Di Pietro. Actually those who/which cover Di Pietro have bought him since a long time. 

The IdV, the Di Pietro’s party, is the classical party created from military commands, Carabinieri ones in the Italic case, which carefully watch and manoeuvre the Italic political parties by their Secret Police corps and their political departments. Not a great operation, actually: a rightist party, with limited consensuses, so obliged to align with the left for trying surviving.

In its program there is everything and nothing, spiced with the request of some fascist-style social measure. Its unifying element is the Di Pietro adoration, with what Di Pietro represents, the 1992-93 Great Purge, plus the 1994 judicial assault against the Berlusconi government, implemented from a Carabinieri Secret Police at Quirinale orders. Even if common people do not know the details of the 1992-93’s Great Purge, around Di Pietro there is the smell of what he did. It is impossible, for whoever just observes Di Pietro, to perceive whatever element of evidence of personal integrity. He basically is a cunning chap needing continuously to show he is such.

Di Pietro constantly launches the subliminal messaged of his cunningness. ‘Legality’ is the cover. Idem other ‘political’-theatrical shows. The subliminal messages are different. Other politicians now join now leave the Di Pietro party according to their personal conveniences. It is the same rule followed from Di Pietro for his political alliances and splits. When he simulates to be against everybody, it is just for raising his price.

Nobody can take over the IdV because its owner is Di Pietro. He controls the money. Until there are no investigations about that, it is because Di Pietro is covered from the Carabinieri Secret Police (with annexed Prosecution Offices). Differently, Di Pietro could be liquidated in a few days, as it was done with Umberto Bossi.

Actually that was done, but in a very soft way, against Di Pietro, in the second half 2012, very likely on Monti order since Di Pietro opposed his government. Not casually, whoever opposed the Monti government was object of judicial strikes. Against Di Pietro, everything happened without judicial interventions until the moment these lines are written. What is absolutely unusual, although not for a super-protected species as Di Pietro is.

This book, largely reporting Di Pietro declarations and speeches, or part of them, is an operation for presenting Di Pietro as the only real opposition. When a front wins elections, it is always useful emphasising what unifies. Government, power, guarantees clients and consensus. When a front loses general elections, a small party can hope to preserve some consensus by constantly appearing on media as different and better than everybody else. This is the sense of the Di Pietro operation, after the 2008 general elections won from the Berlusconi front, of criticizing everybody for appearing as the only opposition party. 

Of course, in (Di Pietro 2010), one can find the usual demagogy about organized criminality. Mafias are State/government parallel militias, everywhere in the world. The Italic ‘great’ magistrates and ex-magistrates simulate not to know that...

In (Di Pietro 2010), there is also the usual nonsense on the Berlusconi initial capitals for its entrepreneurial adventures. Comprador Italy, as all comprador State/country, sees its capitalism constantly criminalized.

In the USA-UK, as in the whole Anglophone area, capitalists and their capitals generally have criminal origins and nobody worries. Since Berlusconi always was and is perceived, from the Italic predatory oligarchies and from the international powers, as an obstacle to their full domination and devastation of the Italic peninsula, what is normal for everybody else become a mortal sin and crime relatively to him. On the other side, being him basically an adaptive coward, he has not the courage to clearly denounce all the demagogy, and worse, against him. He thinks and hopes, in this way, to minimize his personal damages.

Overall with the closed Italic banking system, a young entrepreneur, outside oligarchic networks and needing money, takes it wherever possible. There is nothing scandalous. State crimes are scandalous, not that.

Di Pietro joins the current demagogy, organized from the comprador Quirinale and its Carabinieri and other Secret Police corps, against Berlusconi. Di Pietro comes from the same area of State terrorism and terrorists. ...If it is not terrorism a Great Purge, and Di Pietro was de facto its formal political commissar...

If the equivalent of a few hundred thousands, or perhaps some millions, of dollars, coming from Sicilian chaps, financed the early Berlusconi entrepreneurial activities, it would be interesting to inquire be invested all the mass of money accumulated from the Italian organised criminality, which is considerably more than a few million dollars. It clearly goes into the some hands of those accusing the Berlusconi companies of having mafia origins! However the Italic predatory bureaucracies and oligarchies are untouchable, as are untouchable the world powers. The organized criminality funds are recycled and invested in the main financial markets. What are a few coins hypothetically received from the Berlusconi companies? The reason of all this demagogy about that is certainly not some defence of legality, as corrupted scholars and corrupted media operators claim.    

Di Pietro, who quibbles about Craxi, writes that Gianni Agnelli was a corruptor. It is true. All the italic entrepreneurs are such, in proportion of their wealth. If they are not, they are liquidated from the Italic corrupted system. ...Sure that abroad be really different?! However, Di Pietro ‘forgets’ to tell that he was charged to persecute and prosecute Craxi while, at the same time, he was charged to protect Gianni Agnelli, what he did. Then, Gianni Agnelli could be easily accused of whatever. Di Pietro carefully avoided doing it.

When one is in charge, as formal political commissar, of a Great Purge, one has lists of people to ruin and lists of people to save. That is what Di Pietro did. Such is Di Pietro. The Italic predatory oligarchies have charged their corrupted journalists and corrupted politicians to brandish the banner of legality just for fighting the Berlusconi and his governments who and which they opposed, while they paralyzed them by the key institutions they controlled as the Quirinale and the connected Carabinieri Secret Police corps with annexed judiciary. Di Pietro as a magistrate and as a politicians participated and participate to these activities, although he gained a lot of money and real estates both as a magistrate and as a politicians, money not coming from his salary or from the income of his family. ...Moralists’ ‘mysteries’...   

Summarizing, in this works Di Pietro tries to present himself and his political party as the only real opposition in Italy. It is a technique for trying preserving his/its niche of electoral consensus. And he uses the current demagogy against Berlusconi, since he has no hope to align from that side despite his political party be a rightist movement, actually more rightist than a liberal or pseudo-liberal ‘centre-right’ could accept, while for the Italic left there be no problem to converge with it.  

Di Pietro has been de facto sunk, in a few days, after the summer 2012, by some rumours (and also some prosecution but not involving him) on his and his consociates personal corruption using party and public funds, although he had been not submitted to any judicial inquiry. For other MPs, accused of having profited from party financing, arrest warrants were requested. ...Di Pietro belongs to protected species... He was mediatically unmasked for having profited from his political position, while no investigation was opened against him with the hypothesis that the funds for that came either from illegal financing or from an illegal use of the public financing to political parties. ...He remained a protected species, even when some Monti-Quirinale asked some Carabinieri Secret Police corps to neutralize him since his opposition to the Monti government...    

Di Pietro, A., Ad ogni costo. Battaglie e proposte per un’altra Italia, Adriano Salani Editore, 2010. 

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