Letter from Lhasa, number 291. Grillo’s Alta Voracità

Letter from Lhasa, number 291. Grillo’s Alta Voracità

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Grillo, B., Alta Voracità. Fermiamo la politica che si sta mangiando il nostro paese, Rizzoli, Milano, Italy, 2012.

(Grillo 2012).

Beppe Grillo

The book, well written and documented, perhaps only uses the name of Grillo. It exposes his points of view but it is perhaps written from somebody else. There is not the Grillo style and, for instance, in (Grillo 2012, p. 155), it quotes Grillo using the third person. ...The ghost writer’s impulse to confess... 

In it, the phenomenology of a predatory State is well represented: widespread and open corruption, useless public works (Val di Susa high-speed rail, strait of Messina improbable bridge, as well as a lot of minor ones), from military missions abroad to whatever waste of taxpayers’ money, traps of ‘technical governments’, public works lobbies corrupting politics and institutions, deindustrialization without sufficient emergence of new economy companies, de facto expropriation of the coasts and their beaches for favouring private groups, perforations for oil localization all around the Italian coasts and seas, masses of companies progressively closing and without any replacement in other sectors, political oppositions which, once in office, implements the same plans of the previous administrations. In addition, frequently unsustainable urban and other public works are not finished and not usable, there is a chronic considerable levitation of costs (actually it is the real function of never-ending works), clamorous engineering errors, architecture not founded on physics laws, there is abundance of stories of corruption and ineptitude with no utility, certainly with damages, for citizens and visitors.    

(Grillo 2012) denounces the Monti government (put in office by a white long coup d’État against the Berlusconi government, what a too conformist and hysterically anti-Berlusconi Grillo cannot tell) as inapt and inept to cut public expenditure, alias public wastes, and that it is only raising taxes what will finally destroy the same tax base.

 (Grillo 2012) reports the case of the Region Emilia-Romagna which before spends lots of money for sanitary reports, later it falsifies them for going on with public works damage public health. (Grillo 2012) refers specifically to the case of the Parma incinerator. Other ones are not different. Of course, contracts are awarded to companies’ friends of... yes, according to political corruption, ...‘red’ political corruption (at regional level), in this case, but also oppositions are always bought.

When they are not sufficiently bought, or also at local level, there are obstructions as in this case, where the spending of hundreds of millions have been planned for a useless and harmful works, and also outside current procedures, from the historically ‘red’ Emilia-Romagna administration. What the British controlled media have always told and are telling about Italian red regions has always been only propaganda. ...The new [1944] PCI creation was a British military intelligence operation. No, Grillo, well documented about some other aspects (ecology etc), is absolutely ignorant and conformist about historical questions.

For instance, (Grillo 2012) denounces that despite coal be a high polluting energy source, it is going on being used, and there are even attempts to expand its utilization, since the pressure of profiteers. They evidently corrupt bureaucracies and politicians, actually more bureaucracies which control in various ways Statesmen/women. The politicians and Statesmen/women, specialists in consensus, finally follow the shortest way for creating immediate consensus by the publicity made them on the oligarchies’ media and by distributing jobs ...with funds subtracted to more productive and forward-looking investments. Apart from a lot of episodes of also personal corruption, they are simply opportunist and myopic. What are radically corrupted are bureaucracies, the real State. Anyway, the final result is the same. Be them equally or unequally guilty, the combination of inept and myopic politicians and Statesmen/women, and corrupted, or inept and inapt, bureaucrats produces the mix leading to a progressively deeper under-development and under-developmentalism.

If (Grillo 2012) well represents the nowadays impoverishment of Italy, it does not understand the problem. If the State budget is out of control, this is the problem, not that of finding further funds. (Grillo 2012) reasons inside the ideological frame of the bureau-oligarchic predation. If there is an inefficient and corrupted State/government, costing too much and spending too much, the point is to drastically cut everything. For instance, a 75% cut of the current expenditure would permit to reimburse the public debt in 3 years and to give a medium term positive strong shock to the whole economic system. Either that (or something similar) is done, what is absolutely improbable since the conditions of the Italic State, or the Italic space will go on irreversibly sinking.

The Monti-GoldmanSachs recipes are the German recipes (with Anglo-American cover, in some way got) for euro-EU centralization in German hands with its marginalized, and underdeveloped and underdeveloping areas. Next step will be a similar attack to France, which structurally is in bad conditions. It is sufficient to compare the occupation/activity/employment rates of France with the ones of Germany and of other world powers. If Germany is striking, it is because those who/which are stricken are in condition to be stricken. The problem is neither Germany nor euro. The problem is the structural bad conditions variously masked until now or until less recent times. If you want to know the structural conditions of an economy, check the occupation/activity/employment rate. It is a good proxy of other structural factors. 

(Grillo 2012), attentive to local realities, reports one of the various going on privatization frauds, the fraud of the privatization of the water companies. The quality of the provided service decreased and the prices increased. A State/government is incapable to efficiently manage, is also incapable to control private companies. It is the same at local level. Predatory interests dictates policies and the 2011 referendum against water privatization is nullified from politicians and bureaucrats corrupted by lobbies or perhaps from some ‘superior’ but not understandable vision.

It is true that a democratic decision or point of view may not be the best solution. However, when a privatization just decreases quality and increases prices, and even without extraordinary selling prices of the previously local council companies, it not a question of being ‘liberists’ against ‘communists’... The same happened for communication companies, where some relatively well managed State/companies were ruined from privatisations at super-sale prices etc etc. Outside whatever ideological frame, it is a tragic recurrence in the world that where a State/government is inept to manage, it is even more inept to profitably privatize. To privatize is not a solution. Not to privatize is not a solution. The solution is elsewhere, firstly to well manage according to efficiency standard. The formal ownership is not the decisive element. Unfortunately, in many countries, politicians and Statesmen/women, as well as bureaucrats, are just actors of the propaganda machines of internal and external predatory interests.       

Of course, in (Grillo 2012), there are various mistakes or errors, about questions Grillo-Casaleggio and their staff have not sufficient expertise of. (Grillo 2012, p. 152) proposes the usual banality that, in 1992, magistracy occupied a democracy’s emptiness. Other nonsense: Falcone and Borsellino assassinated because they worked too well (actually they were assassinated for the Quirinale-Mediobanca Coup d’État); ‘clean hands’ (a Carabinieri Secret Police operation, a Great Purge) the possible change; magistracy as the White Knights. ...What would contradict whatever historical evidence and experience. In (Grillo 2012, p. 155), the author confuses 8/09/1943 with 25/07/1943. Even if the Monti coup d’État follows similar logic or absence of logic, in certain aspects, it is anyway arduous a real comparison with nowadays. ...Oh, yes, in (Grillo 2012), there is, in the background, the propagandistic image of the [April 1945] ‘liberation’. There was no liberation, then. There will no liberation, now. History does not work in this way... Grillo-Casaleggio and their staff are just victims of current brainwashing. They have a propagandistic image of reality.

Finally, (Grillo 2012) denounces the limited sovereignty condition of Italy with de facto duties to buy very costly weapons of mass destruction from the USA and with a network of US military bases (with nuclear bombs) devastating environment and ecological equilibria.

This kind of long political manifesto concludes with an appeal to political awareness and to overcome bad politics.

The bubble Grillo-Casaleggio is a classical operation of the Carabinieri Secret Police which, on institutional orders, and comprador influence, misgovern Italic politics. Something similar was realized with the creation of the North League, a pro-Andreotti Carabinieri Secret Police operation.

The North League was created with ex-Christian Democracy militants and supporters, and basically with ex-Socialist Party and ex-Socialist Trade Unions functionaries, even if various leaders had different (leftist and ultra-leftist, somewhere some fascist) background. Function of the North League was to sink a northern modernising Christian Democracy could interfere with the Roman-Andreotti power and pro-Andreotti-bureaucracies.

The M5S [the Five Star Movement] has an ecologist-paraleftist inspiration. In practice, it is a revival, with different head and followers, of the 1980’s failed Carabinieri Secret Police operation of creating a mass para-leftist & judicialist [a guillotine party] Green movement. Then, a Green political movement was created in Italy, and it was variously used. However, it remained a tiny political party, with continuous quarrels and splits. It was created with the help of the Communist Party but, surely since that, without becoming a real alternative or concurrent of the Communist Party as planned from who ordered the Carabinieri Secret Police to promote the creation of such new political subject.

The same operation seems now destined to some at least ephemeral success with the Grillo’s movement, the M5S. The Grillo’s party can emerge as the second Italian political party, or perhaps the first (as consensus) considering single parties, in occasion of the 2013 general elections. Grillo appears as largely autonomous from whatever other political party, with a perhaps para-leftist program but actually with consensuses from the centre and centre-right electors. It will be, if the forecasts will be confirmed, as a well successful operation of splitting the mass of centre-right followers after having dramatically intensified the Carabinieri Secret Police operations for defaming and incriminating Berlusconi and his area.

Not differently from the 1994 North League, once in Parliament, the Grillo’s political personnel will be easily bought for the needs of the Quirinale comprador dictatorship. Although not a decisive factor, the same Grillo’s staff already seems under the tight influence of the Carabinieri Secret Police. Check who are and what are doing Casaleggio and his company, and one could deduce or suppose why and how. Anyway, that is not the decisive element. Italic events have showed how by media and judiciary assaults, manoeuvred from the Carabinieri Secret Police, movements, parties and leaders can be liquidated sometimes even only in a few days. The Grillo’s bubble will not be an exception.

Italy will go on being sunk and irreversibly sinking. There is no hope.  

Grillo, B., Alta Voracità. Fermiamo la politica che si sta mangiando il nostro paese, Rizzoli, Milano, Italy, 2012. 

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