Letter from Lhasa, number 290. Les Enfants du Diable

Letter from Lhasa, number 290. Les Enfants du Diable

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Petit, J.-P., Les Enfants du Diable. La guerre que nous préparent les scientifiques, Albin Michel, France, 1995. 

(Petit 1995).

Jean-Pierre Petit

Jean-Pierre Petit, born on 5 April 1937, was a researcher and a research director by the French CNRS. This book was commanded him from a French publisher. Finally, since the heretic contents of the book, the publisher was obliged from some irresistible entity, very likely from the French State/government (specifically from the militarist complex), not to publish it, in 1986.

In 1995, evidently it was not judged anymore a danger and it was published from Albin Michel. Knowledge is too a sensible matter for permitting people knowing anything about actual reality. ...At least, this seems the point of view of States/governments, which are controlled from ignorant and paranoid louses fearful about everything and everybody.

As Petit quotes: “...en matière de recherche, c'est parfois plus une question de courage que d'intelligence.” (Petit 1995, p. 14). ...The courage to see and report what is evident.

The author presents various matters.

In (Petit 1995), there is an interesting and reliable historical reconstruction of the creation and usage of the first atomic bombs. Their usage, for bombing Japan, was a mix of bureaucratic cynicisms and dynamics, with the accessory purpose to warn Soviet Union, then an Anglo-American ally. There was no military need and Japan was ready to capitulate. The surrender conditions, after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were not worse than Japan was previously ready to accept. The two bombardments were just experiments about the precise effects of such weapons of mass destruction, and also an exhibition of power in front of the Soviet sub-Empire just created in Europe.      

This book also shows as Soviet poor laboratories were not less advanced than the costly Western ones, because they stimulated original solutions for overcoming the disposable limited means. Soviet science and technology combined with imagination and custom to improvise. Also China was considerably more advanced than satellite espionage could detect.   

(Petit 1995) underlines that the exploded atomic bombs have contaminated the whole earth producing a great number of abnormal individuals, even if that tend to be denied by current propaganda whose purpose is just to reassure people about the actual biological risk. 

Oppenheimer had a relevant role in the creation of the first atomic bombs. The Oppenheimer case (his security clearance was suspended on 21 December 1953; it was later revoked), made up from the FBI-CIA, was a warning to the scientific world to be just obedient louses of the US government, specifically of the US military. Julius Robert Oppenheimer (22 April 1904..18 February 1967) had headed the Manhattan Project, which developed the U.S. atomic bomb during World War II. In 1954, he was submitted to a McCarthyist trial. It was a common case of U.S. government hysteria.

As a result of this 1954 inquiry by the United States Atomic Energy Commission, his security clearance was revoked a bit before his government consultant contract was due to expire. Although he resulted as unusually discreet relatively to atomic secrets, he was apodictically labelled as a security risk. He had some occasional moral scruple, perhaps. Albeit, according to (Petit 1995, p. 156, p. 168), he was similar to Mengele. Basically, he was perhaps ‘guilty’ of campaigning for international arms control and for avoiding arms race. He had become a U.S. State/government target to be purged.  

Directed-energy weapons are not a new, nowadays, discovery:

“Dans cette fin des années soixante-dix des rumeurs commencèrent à circuler, concernant la possibilité de l'existence de projets nouveaux, liés à des progrès réalisés en matière de lasers et de canons à électrons. En France, les spécialistes accueillirent ces nouvelles avec un sourire amusé. Je le souviens en particulier d'experts militaires qui avaient déclaré sur un plateau de télévision:

“- Une guerre dans l'espace, à coup de lasers ? Vous n'y pensez pas ! Les missiles et les ogives sont des cibles minuscules, dont la dimension est de l'ordre du mètre. Viser de telles cibles à des distances de plusieurs milliers de kilomètres, cela représente une précision d'un microradian. Autant viser une tête d'épingle à un kilomètre !

“Avec un fusil, certes, c'est problématique. Mais militaires ne sont pas astronomes. Ce que ces olibrius ignoraient c'est que le premier télescope venu, implanté au sol, a des capacités de visée déjà supérieures, sinon on ne pourrait pas faire d'astronomie.

“A l'Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale, les nouvelles continuaient d'arriver, que les experts accueillaient avec incrédulité. On pouvait lire, pêle-mêle, ques des satellites Américains, spécialisés dans l'observation du sol, dans la gamme de l'infrarouge ( pour détecter les départs de fusées ) aurait été aveuglés par des tirs laser émanant de stations basées sur le territoire Soviétique. D'autres parlaient de mystérieuses stations de tir orbitales, alimentées par des générateurs MHD à explosifs (celles que j'avais étudiées à l'Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Marseille dans les années soixante-dix ), équipées d'un "canon à protons".”

(Petit 1995, p. 156).

People always do not believe what is not consistent with their belief system. If even supposedly informed scientists do that, one may imagine why common people may be even easier manipulated about whatever. (Petit 1995) underlines that the large majority of scientists and para-scientists did not believe many achievements would have been possible and even a part of those who knew they would have been possible claimed (eventually just as a moral justification) that nobody would have ever really used them. 

In addition to laser technology and its military utilization, the author describes the rapid advancement of the missile and nuclear sectors, and the ideas for their devastating war usage. In his book, he describes what is now perhaps hypothesized for an attack to Iran, the explosion of atomic bombs at high altitude (100 km) with the consequent frying of all the electric and electronic devices of the underlying area. A mini bomb would be sufficient for that. In alternative to atomic bombs, plasma weapons perhaps can be used or will be used if this technology is sufficiently developed. The (Petit 1995) description of the effects of a high altitude atomic bomb perfectly fit what has been let recently to know about the planned electric and electronic annihilation of Iran before being bombarded in its sensible targets.     

(Petit 1995) reports of a 1983 paper of two Russian scientists, Alexandrov and Stenchikov, on the consequences of an atomic war and the following nuclear winter would have erased all life in this planet. In practice, there would be no survivors in the whole planet (apart from those who could live in total isolation, as in a spatial capsule, for a long time), since the direct destructions and the following ‘winter’, which would suppress all previous life. The author of this book sent a translation of this paper to the main French media. Nobody published anything. Only later, there was some limited reaction, some limited interest, to his attempts.

In 1983, Alexandrov already knew of an antimatter bomb. An antimatter bomb would be very powerful and without radioactive wastes, so a clean bomb. Such a bomb would have infinite power. Alexandrov disappeared in Madrid, in 1985. Alexandrov was just a meteorologist, although well informed about weapons of mass destruction (antimatter bomb included) since his scientific interests and his good connections also in the USA. He had anyway no secret to ‘sell’ to Americans, and no propensity to defect, while ha had banally discovered something contradicted the militarist complex interests and paranoia: how any arms race was useless. His paper showed that. It may be he had just known something he should not and that this put in some very serious alarm the US or connected government. 

He was kidnapped in front of his hotel, in Madrid, and he simply disappeared. In the opinion of (Petit 1995), he was immediately or nearly immediately assassinated. Only a CIA (or British) Death Squad, with Spanish cover, could do such an operation in Madrid. Or also a Spanish government Death Squad on foreign request (Spain had no direct interest in assassinating him!). Not casually, the Spanish police did not show any interest to investigate his disappearance (on the contrary it showed its interest not to investigate, so it had been deactivated from a Spanish irresistible Secret Police) and some imaginative and absolutely unreliable disinformation was occasionally diffused about his disappearance. Apart from that, even noisier was the nearly absolute silence on this case. No media showed any interest to investigate on it. A too curious Spanish secret agent tried to know something was assassinated in a parking. Since there are bureaucratic procedures in these matters, it is probable the US (or British) government contacted the Soviet one, and got or bought its agreement for his CIA (or British) assassination. Finally, he was only a sociable meteorologist having touched untouchable US (or British) militarist complex interests. 

Plasma weapons use high-energy ionized gas. Their destructive power would be considerably superior to nuclear weapons. According to (Petit 1995, p. 221), 100 gram antimatter would be equivalent to 4000 megaton TNT. By a unique bomb, it would be possible to destroy the whole earth’s life. The only problem would be to synthesize such a quantity of antimatter. According to (Petit 1986, p. 223), such a bomb would be operative, in the USA, since 1985. Consequently this problem would have been solved.    

This work is a compelling firsthand testimony on the scientific world. Also the scientific annexes of (Petit 1995) are very useful and interesting.  

Petit, J.-P., Les Enfants du Diable. La guerre que nous préparent les scientifiques, Albin Michel, France, 1995. 

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