Letter from Lhasa, number 283. Grillo’s Schiavi Moderni

Letter from Lhasa, number 283. Grillo’s Schiavi Moderni

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Grillo, B., Schiavi Moderni. Il precario nell’Italia delle meraviglie,, 2007.   

(Grillo 2007).

Beppe Grillo

This is a book with texts of Beppe Grillo, Joseph E. Stiglitz e Mauro Gallegati. They comment the testimonies precarious workers have written to Grillo and the book reports.

For Stiglitz, more flexibility should combine with more social assistance. For Grillo, the Biagi Bill is the Black Death because it introduced in Italy precarious labour, so it created modern slaves. Instead of favouring juvenile work, it just transformed young people in low cost commodities. Italy became the fatherland of low cost labour. Jobs are scarce. What remained has been low cost labour. For Gallegati, under-paying labour is not a solution for a country pretending to be developed. ...It is not sure Italy be and will be... 

This book is a long outburst of precarious workers of a predatory Italy where it is impossible to reform whatever. Instead of simply liberalizing the labour marker, but with some social assistance and legal protection, they have simply bureaucratized precarious occupation and even without any real legal protection (minimum wage per hour etc).

If from one side, there are super-protected (not always super-paid!) workers, from the other side there are not only less-guaranteed workers, who always existed, but now, with left’s and right’s labour reforms, workers super-exploited and without any future. This means that this decaying Italy is progressively marginalizing itself at all levels and that is absolutely evident, more than ever, since the contempt it has for its human resources.

Grillo and his movement do not have a real modernizing culture. So they published this work just as a demagogic agitation against modernity. Such pathologies actually derive from the absence of modernization. Whatever modernization is firstly founded on the careful and efficient utilization of human renounces. What in Italy is not and the situation is progressively worsening. 

Only an example of this dramatic and now unreformable situation of this decaying and self-marginalizing Italy: in 2010 the employment rate was 78.6% in Switzerland, 71.1% in Germany, 71.1% in Japan, 69.5% in the UK, 66.7% in the USA but only 56.9% in Italy. And, in Italy, people are generally hired without any connection with their education and skills.

For decades, in Italy, they have condemned to anticipated retirement million people with the excuse of letting free positions for young people. Now there is no work for old as well for young people, while there is certainly abundance of useless and well paid public employees.   

Grillo, B., Schiavi Moderni. Il precario nell’Italia delle meraviglie,, 2007.

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