Letter from Lhasa, number 277. David Icke’s Biggest Secret

Letter from Lhasa, number 277. David Icke’s Biggest Secret

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Icke, D., The Biggest Secret. The book that will change the world, Bridge of Love Publications, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 1999. 

(Icke 1999).

David Icke

The English Icke is a brilliant social writer and he divulgates a considerable amount of ethnographic, historical and cultural information. He is even better when he didactically explains matters. He moves at different levels and he is certainly interesting and useful. He unmasks certain realities while presents in my opinion only hypotheses relatively to other ones.

The UK, as all the Anglophone countries, is a tight totalitarian area. We may raise only questions, absolutely not undermining what just affirmed in the first paragraph. It is always useful to contextualize subversive or apparently subversive authors, as well as whoever and whatever.

British Secret Police corps do not seem to have in any way, or not in an effective way, interfered with his life, tried annihilating it, silenced him. We may suggest that perhaps, despite his denunciations, he do not contradict current stereotypes and interests of the British Empire (I use this formulation because the British Crown is considerably more than the UK). For instance, if his denunciations of the British Royal house may not be too much liked from it (or perhaps they like this kind of publicity), certainly his campaigning from an independent, not ‘mondialist’, UK is absolutely consistent with the British Crown policies (conflicting with the U.S. ones despite apparent continuous convergences), even if Icke see it as mondialist and part of a mondialist or a-national network.

The British Crown is ‘mondialist’, but with its own mondialism. So it likes, as a useful cover, anti-dollar, anti-euro and other similar demagogies, and that for the banal reasons that the UK have dimensions (both as space ad population) considerably inferior than the USA. If the UK tries to dominate the world by financial and other less visible networks (services etc), the USA ‘colonise’ it by a growing web of military bases, what the UK could not afford since its reduced scale dimensions. For the UK, it is a question of reduced budget, relatively to the USA, but it is also a different imperial model.

At page ix of (Icke 1999), as part of a banner or pre-introduction, we find a quotation from Wilhelm Reich, the Austrian brilliant psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, a scientist, persecuted and jailed, in the USA, after WWII, since his researches. Six tons of his books, journals, and papers were burned. He died in jail. It was a relatively short detention. Since it was and is easy, in US prisons, to induce strokes, it is not improbable he was assassinated since government order. His researches and work contradicted current medical stereotypes and interests, but also current moralism. Also his assistant, Michael Silvert, jailed with him, disappeared after being released. Officially he committed suicide. When too many people, or connected people, targeted from a government die in doubtful circumstances, it is generally improbable it be casual. Anglophone countries, not only them, have a long history of covert assassinations of independent minds.

It should not at all disrupt the British monarchy that one of his subjects remembers U.S. horrors instead of British ones. About his denunciation of the Satanism and reptilianism of the British Crown and its networks, we cannot really know whether it really dislike or, on the contrary, appreciate such unmasking or publicity.

More generally, since there is a lot of movies (an industry tightly controlled from ‘cultural’ departments of Secret Police corps), we may not think that the so-called ‘conspiratorial’ (it is considerably more conspiratorial, in the negative meaning of this word, who believes in the State/government unbelievable self-justifications and deceptions for covering whatever State/government crime!) literature, in part or large part certainly produced from specialized departments of Secret Police corps, be really opposed from power. On the contrary, it objectively appears very useful for presenting, in an apparently unbelievable way, as tales, as science fiction, the Imperial agenda, for preparing people to it. This is the function of all the ‘catastrophist’ culture. What is not anyway an Icke (and other supposedly honest authors) fault.   

Problem-reaction-solution, usefully evidenced form Icke, is a banal and classical mechanism for creating problems and offering false solutions accruing one’s or its own power. It is a classical, although despicable, power/government practice. ...Problem-reaction-pseudosolution, for rapidly creating other problems and other pseudosolutions, and so on. In this way, bureaucracies exponentially grow, society is destroyed, public expenditure and debt go out of control and systemic implosions are always possible, eventually overcome from some Statist dictatorship. ... Problem-reaction-pseudosolution...

The militarist-police bloc is tendencially liberist for destroying other nations and nazi-communist inside its own country or State. It simulates liberism for destruction. It implements nazi-communist policies as normal form of control and domination. Its basic model is different levels of slaves at the absolute orders of a very restricted oligarchy of only some puppet masters.

Different and opposed ideologies are just smoke and deception for dividing and manipulating poor idiots, the various levels of slaves. They will be one day overcome from a unitary ‘culture’, what will be only a formal difference relatively to nowadays apparent pluralism.

It is sadly true that people need to be told what to think. What watched on TV and cinemas (now on Internet) becomes immediately as truthful, if presented in some professional way. Apparent pluralism is just a form of marketing. The same contents are presented under apparently different cultural and political-ideological frames. One is convinced to be different while it is told him/her what to think from one branch of the same power. People vote for different parties implementing the same polices once in office. What is the difference?     

The (Icke 1999) biggest secret is “that a reptilian race from another dimension has been controlling the planet for thousands of years.” (Icke 1999, p. 029). He sees invisible super-human forces governing everything. Their, or of their evil fraction, eventually visible representatives are reptilians, needing human blood for forcing themselves to assume human forms. For him, humans live as in a holographic television channel. Different realities can coexist, in the same space or at different levels, reciprocally invisible. Physical and natural sciences provide different explanations about these realities and possibilities. At the same time, the universe is too limitless for permitting supposing that only the planet earth have what we call humans. In addition, since Darwinism seems plausible although be not consistent with other natural science discoveries, creationism (the external introduction of humans on earth) is not so banal as it could appear when presented from clergy. Icke studies all that and exposes the results of his investigations.

The testimony of Jennifer Greene / Arizona Wilder, he interviewed years ago, is particularly suggestive. She, previously mind conditioned from Joseph Mengele, refers, also with their real name, to shape-shifters, from humans to reptilians. Icke is clearly under her influence when he talks of the ubiquity of reptilians in power networks. There is no apparent reason to doubt of the testimony of Jennifer Greene / Arizona Wilder, although some further investigation on the various aspects of these metamorphoses would be very useful. Certainly, it is not an easy matter. It would  not be easy, it would be nearly impossible, to have some real analysis of the body of the people named from Jennifer Greene / Arizona Wilder and to have material evidence about their eventual need of human blood (for preserving human forms instead of going back to their reptilian nature) and about their metamorphoses.    

It would be easy to declare that what cannot be precisely proved be false. It is a current refrain obtuse and opportunist academicians love to propose, when useful for stigmatising whatever heterodox. Actually, it is not so. When the object subtracts to analysis, it could be claimed that it may be truthful what not proved false. Also this assertion would not be precise. Anyway what cannot proved as false, since the impossibility to analyse the object of the investigation, may be scientifically correct to assume it (if there are apparently credible testimonies) as possibly truthful while waiting for further elements. From the other side, a lot of stereotypes assumed as truthful, because convenient, are not at all provable as such and they are very likely false.

States of denial determine too easy rejections of what not conforming to Pavlovian conditioned reflexes, to the mental schemes of ‘lobotomized’ minds. From the opposite side, there are also people wanting to believe the apparently unbelievable whatever it be. There actually are too many phenomena which are not explicable with banal, apparently rational, linear pseudo-explanations. Governments using the State Secret (‘reasons of national security’) relatively to matter without any real security reason is at least an element of evidence about hidden worlds power want preserve as such. There is also massive evidence about government intervention for blocking whatever investigation about various form of Satanism overall when power networks (at not high levels too) are involved.  

In Icke, the presentation of ethnographic evidence combines, perhaps inevitably, with his own interpretation. The advantage of his expositive technique is that his interpretations are evident and they can be easily separated from the information he provides. Or another hypothesis is that he had an extra-sensorial awareness, the natural access to levels of knowledge, other people have not. It is always easy to identify what we may not, or not yet, access, and consequently what can be a revelation as well as a simple hypothesis of the author.    

It is not certainly more scientific, certainly is globally less, the current academic vision, largely propagandistic, of human and social disciplines, where everything is presented as it was generated and living in a closed system, without any possible external influence, while natural sciences, even only the direct experience of the planet earth, show that this planet is an open system in constant interaction with infiniteness.  

One might hypothesize (without denying the hypothesis of reptilian presence or ubiquity in power network, and all the connected ritualisms and esotericisms) that the author needs to build a big, immense, conspiracy because he does not understand how State bureaucracies, and specifically Secret Police services, departments and officers work. What he calls cover-ups made possible since the networks he exposes are actually possible since laws and regulations permitting institutions to create, manage and cover (by the State Secret, the so-called Reasons of National Security) Secret Police services, departments and officers and their crimes. Secret Police [whatever their actual denomination] services, departments and officers are created specifically for committing insanities and crimes, at institutional orders. They basically are bureaucracies and people for whom the right place would be asylums and prisons, together with the ‘people’ of the institutions leading them. On the contrary they can commit insanities, crimes and insane crime thanks to laws and regulations about Secret Police corps and about the State Secret, the so-called Reasons of National Security, made for assuring their secrecy and their legal unaccountability.

When there are exceptions as the assassinations of the same Presidents and et similia,who should manage them, it is because there a going on coup d’État. Such were, for instance, the Kennedys’ assassinations. There is no need of the networks exposed or supposed from Icke. They may exist. However, States/governments are a more powerful and totalitarian machine. If such networks exist, they are under tight State/government control. Of course real States/governments are those legitimized from people vote although not depending from it. There is no ‘democratic’ either parliamentary control on real State/government. Everything is delegated to Statesmen/women who generally are too busy either in their own businesses and corruption, or in using the Secret Police apparatuses at their own advantage, for instance for liquidating competitors. Although with continuous institutional signatures under the secret decrees for committing insanities and crimes also against their own subjects (the so-called citizens), and apart from exceptional State terrorist or other exceptional State/government criminal operations, the whole State/government terrorist-mafia-criminal machine managed through Secret Police apparatuses goes on since inertial forces and, according to current bureaucratic ‘logics’, it progressively expands itself. Everything is even more complicated for comprador States/governments, clients of their owners. However it is always State/government which creates and manages such apparatuses. They are not usually composed from ‘007’ but from insane and maniacal-criminal bureaucrats using a vast mass of irregulars with their same characteristics.       

About the UK, Icke indirectly evidences the dualism between the Crown and the formal governments. The formal government had considerable power. However, the final control of the Secret Police apparatuses comes from the Crown. The British formal government can organize the subversion of Libya. On the contrary, for instance, operations as the Omagh bombing  and the Diana assassination clearly were British Crown Secret Police operations, the former against the formal government (in my opinion, apparently from forces did not want a pacified North Ireland what was in the Blair plans), the latter for other purposes.

The 15 August 1998 Omagh bombing was clearly organized from a British Secret Police who amassed people where there was the ‘IRA’ bomb, while the IRA was repetitiously warning that the police was not clearing the area but, on the contrary, amassing people. Perhaps not casually, nobody was convicted for the massacre, massacre since the government action, while a simple demonstrative bomb for the IRA fraction organized it, which had no responsibility for the massacre and actually tried to avoid the police-organized massacre. If a police, under some superior management, amasses people where it was credibly warned there was a bomb...  

A banal interpretation of the Diana assassination is that she was pregnant outside her first marriage, what could not allowed, from a paranoid point of view, for the mother of a future King. On the contrary, the well documented interpretation of Icke, suggested from Jennifer Greene / Arizona Wilder, is of a ritualistic reptilian murder after having used Diana just for producing the future King of the UK and an accessory child. To watch and listen the free available (on youtube) long interview from David Icke to Jennifer Greene / Arizona Wilder would be a perfect complement of the Icke book, also on this point. There is nothing wrong to be influenced from a witness, an insider, reputed credible and apparently being such.

The networks exposed or supposed from Icke have the de facto function, in the Icke exposition, of deresponsabilizing real States/governments. It may be argued that reptilians have occupied key power position because they are powerful, although it may be argued that, if they need to occupy power positions, it is because they are not so powerful, so they need the power of State/government structures.

The Icke claiming that John Kennedy and Diana were driven to their position for being ritually assassinated did not consider that if the Kennedys had submitted to the militarist bloc and if Diana had lived silently and, overall, without becoming pregnant and dreaming other marriages, perhaps they would have not been assassinated. That the Kennedys assassinations had precise power reasons is difficulty contestable. They were a threat for the militarist-police bloc.

According to the Jennifer Greene / Arizona Wilder testimony, Diana was chosen to be ritually murdered in the tunnel where she as assassinated. Icke literally inundated with esoteric symbolisms about this assassinations. In effect, keeping an injured person, for a long time, where the accident happened, until she is dead... When there is the hand of Secret Police corps, evidence is always made to disappear, avoided, messed up etc, what was the case in the Diana ‘accident’. When something is absolutely casual there is no need of abnormal behaviours, secrecy, biases etc. There is neither the need of Secret Police corps interfering with ‘investigations’. What on the contrary happened in the Diana case, with absolutely abnormal pseudo-investigations for covering up everything.

The method of associations can be useful in various aspects of the historical work, although it might be deceitful in other ones. The play of symbolisms can allow to discover symbolisms in whatever. In addition, it supposes too cultivated puppet masters when generally they are not at all such. Sometimes they may be although generally they be not such.         

From one side, the author describes an irresistible conspiracy from an omnipotent reptilian network. From the other side, he claims it/they may be easy defeated by awareness, people awareness. If they (reptilian networks) existed and they were omnipotent, it would not be so easy to defeat, even only to contrast, them. People refuse to face the reality of actual States/governments and need to invent ‘obscure forces’. They (reptilian networks) may exist. They may be not so omnipotent, although they may appear omnipotent because they are in a for-them promiscuous interaction with powerful State bureaucracies.

The author solves his inconsistency, or apparent inconsistency, with a NPL technique, stating that we are what we feel, what is only partially true. There always are external force we do not control and not necessarily ceasing to interact with us, or to eventually obstruct us, only because we see them and reality in a different way. We can control our own reality, but only partially, and anyway we cannot totally, or in a relevant way, change or avoid external reality. It may be possible, but it may not be possible or not always. 

Also the author’s futuristic information and hypotheses are surely interesting and useful. There is certainly a lot of military research without spillovers to civilian fields. What make vane the conformist custom to ‘analyse’ reality according only to what is commonly known, ...and with self-censorship for opportunistic self-convenience.

Icke is a good help for watching outside current conformist frames, although a conformist-opportunist chap would simply avoid this kind of literature, if not for stigmatising it. 

Icke, D., The Biggest Secret. The book that will change the world, Bridge of Love Publications, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 1999. 

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