No pain, no gain

How would you enjoy pleasure

If you never felt pain?

If you never loose

How can you enjoy gain?


How could you appreciate beauty

If you didn’t know ugliness?

How could you enjoy the company of your love

If you’ve never experienced loneliness?


How would you feel the sun on your cheeks

If you’ve never perished on a rainy day?

How could you ever feel free

If you have never been locked away?


The noisy neighbor from upstairs

That with his music gives you a headache

Is the same that lends you an egg

When you are baking a chocolate cake


The family that makes fun of you

And sometimes acts like they’re mad

Is the same that warms up your milk

And hugs you when you’re sad


The wind that messes up your hair

And makes you look like a cartoon

Is the same that cools you down

On a hot and sunny afternoon


That sometimes thigs are hard

This shouldn’t make you sad

Life may not always be good

But it’s certainly not always bad

Life’s secret is in it’s balance

Unpredictable like the sea

Don’t expect to guess what’s coming

Or disappointed you will be!

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