Letter from Lhasa, number 257. Lula’s Cancer. Can Maledictions Produce Cancers?

Letter from Lhasa, number 257. Lula’s Cancer. Can Maledictions Produce Cancers?   


I occasionally and informally healed people by the power of my hands.

The last case was a female with a brain cancer. She should be submitted to a surgical operation because the cancer was becoming too big. In practice, her skull should be opened and the cancer removed, for what was possible. I told her that all that was horrible and that perhaps it was possible to try other solutions. There were clear psychological and environmental/familiar reasons for her disease.

I imposed my hands, various times, in a few days, over her skull while talking to her about her disease. After some weeks, she was checked again, a radiography. She told me that her brain cancer had regressed and that she did not need anymore the surgery. I do not know the subsequent evolution of the case, because I was not anymore in touch with this person, so I could not anyway influence, or try influence, this case.

Of course, I have not decisive evidence of a casual relation between my attempts and the temporary (I had no further news) favourable evolution of this cancer. It may have been everything casual, or just self-suggestion of this person. However, suggestions and self-suggestions are key medical devices. The same medicines are, in part, a form of self-suggestion while they, not infrequently, produce other diseases.     

It is curious what is happening in Brazil, at Presidency level.  

In 2009, the same Dilma Rousseff had a cancer, a breast cancer. In 2010, she was elected new Brazilian President. It was since a Lula’s manoeuvre. He planned and implemented it since the Constitutional prohibition of a third consecutive mandate. So he needed to have somebody else ‘temporarily’ in office, for the 2011..2014 4-year-term. He chose the candidate he judged the weakest and totally dependent on him.

In history, apparent puppets may reveal well stronger than previously supposed. Institutional power becomes personal power and strength. In four years, many things may happen and a President is always a President.

The Brazilian Constitution is US style, not Russian style. In Russia, Putin, as a Prime Minister, could substantially preserve all the powers he had when he was a President and to become again a President after a for-year-term of ‘his’ Dmitry Medvedev. In practice, whatever the detailed reason, President Dmitry Medvedev could not annihilate the Putin’s (and the Putin’s power block) plan to going on as a Russian permanent dictator ...until a new one will be able to replace him.   

In Brazil, a President is the head of the government while an ex-President has to wait for the next presidential elections, if one has the ambition to try to become again a ruler. Of course, other hypothesis would have been abstractly possible. However, Brazil is an extremely space, even at the highest levels, and, frequently, in such contexts, rulers have not sufficient fantasy or culture for pursuing ‘lateral’ solutions.   

Now, it was discovered that Lula had a cancer, a throat cancer (malignant tumour in the larynx), what could undermine his possibilities to be a credible candidate in 2014, if he will be alive at that time. 2014 is far.

If he will be perfectly healed, he might perhaps come out even stronger from this defy, if nothing else will strike him. Perhaps, he could be stricken in a judicial way, although that might also not happen. It will largely depend on the intentions and real powers of Dilma. Anyway, Brazilians have no illusion on the morality of many of their rulers and honesty may not be a key factor. That (judicial strikes and purges) is a complex field with many propaganda and brain-washing and -conditioning aspects.    

Lula is a subject emotionally unstable, with neurological disorders driving him to pathological laughing and crying. Contextually inappropriate or exaggerated outbursts of laughter and crying without commensurate feelings are precisely that. It is nothing serious-serious. However, all that influences physical illnesses.

Now he is panicking. What does not help. That, on the contrary, is aggravating his physical pathologies. Very probably, traditional cares will only weaken his body.

What is the evidence that he is panicking? There are not his direct declarations. The only ‘news’ is that he is resting in his home. ...A popular and populist subject incapable of talking directly about his illness while depicted as very optimistic about it? Not even a short walk to the newsagent?

Optimistic reports from people supposedly near him are just propaganda, although even the people taking care of his image do not seem very skilful. They are managing it in the worst way, ...for him. It may be in best way, for his enemies   

Lula plunged in deep depression and panic just informed of the cancer. Traditional therapies do not help, in such a case. They will only weaken his body without healing him.

Of course, if somebody wanted to replace his, he-she-they would prefer him dead. They have just t wait, if he will not be assisted in some innovative way, what is not in the interest of those would eventually like to replace him. 

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