Letter from Lhasa, number 246. Israel-USA relaunch their terrorism

Letter from Lhasa, number 246. Israel-USA relaunch their terrorism  

by Roberto Abraham Scaruffi

Nearly always, terrorism is internal terrorism, an internal game. Terrorism always is State Terrorism. Independent terrorism simply could not exist.

States/governments are largely useless and dangerous. So, for trying making themselves indispensable, they create crises and, for not solving and for aggravating them, new offices, new bureaucracies.

The mechanism is simple. They create crises. By them, they justify new bureaucracies for extending the previously created crises so that the creation of further offices, bureaucracies, could be justifies. This mechanism infinitely goes on. Bureaucratic proliferation makes State “indispensable” ...until everything explodes or implodes. The present fiscal crisis is a good example that neither taxation nor public debt are sufficient for keeping up with bureaucratic proliferation.  

Terrorism is a sub-variety of that, of bureaucratic proliferation. Useless police and military corps need to make themselves indispensable by criminality, mafias, massacres and assassinations, which are their creations. Other institutions use these criminalities and terrorism of useless military and police corps for making themselves indispensable. So, both military&police corps and institutions have the same interest to create and manage criminality and terrorism for their reciprocal proliferation. The pseudo fights against mafias and terrorism are a perfect cover for bureaucratic, political and oligarchic corruption and predation, because the State Secret used for covering State criminality and State Terrorism is extended for covering whatever corruption and predation of the bureaucratic-oligarchic complex.  

Terrorism (as criminalities and mafia) is always created and managed from government for internal purposes. No terrorist attack would be possible without the cooperation of the indigenous governments. Terrorism as covert fight between States is very rare. States generally cooperate for terrorism, mafias (other State/government creation) and whatever other crime. That is what currently happens even for States apparently conflicting among them. For terrorism and criminality organization and management, they cooperate among them.    

Of course, propaganda needs to deceive about this key point inventing mysterious conspiration for hiding that States/governments create and trigger organized criminality and State Terrorism against their own subjects.   

In Israel, terrorism has always been managed from the Israeli State/government. Directly and indirectly, it has created terrorist groups and has managed them. Egypt, the formal owner of Al Fatah, was and is a US ally... Idem, Saudi Arabia and all the other sponsor of terrorism in the area (and even outside the Middle East area) are under US and British influence and they currently finance the US-UK sponsored terrorism. The current, and less current, events in the area show how it is easy to sink States/governments just the USA-UK wants to do it. The fight between Israel and “Arabs” is a game, a play, with tragic consequences only for victims. Rabin, perhaps “guilty” of wanting a real peace, was assassinated form his same security guards at the orders of the Israeli-US oligarchies. Now, in these days, there is no difference.

Massacres and assassinations now are realized directly from the Israeli government, now indirectly under the false flag of terrorist groups actually Israel could liquidate in whatever moment if it wanted. Israel-USA simply do not want. False flag Israeli-USA terrorism is essential for permitting the Israeli-USA reactions and for keeping a permanent state of exception/emergency and war in the area.

Even religious groups have been mobilized for providing the human shields for the US big military base Israel is. Not casually, on FBI-CIA order, even the most anti-Semitic evangelical congregations of the USA suddenly turned pro-Israeli. They remained anti-Semitic, but pro-Israel. Rabbis from one side. Pastors from the other. They are all FBI-CIA (and of whatever other government, in parallel with the Israeli one) dogs, or fired and worse if they refused and refuse to cooperate with these insanities.

Financial and fiscal crisis, economic depression, internal protest movements against the growing poverty while rich become richer, vast destabilization of the area, Israeli-US obsession because the distant Iran is becoming stronger, etc. etc. ...

A few terrorist operations, wanted from the same Israel-USA, are sufficient for imposing, In Israel, a more barbarian police State against the same Jewish human shields (provided from laic and religious Zionism), for triggering Israeli-US reactions, their military terrorism, and, eventually, for a broader and deeper destabilization of the area and new wars.   

If Israel is a US military base with civilian human shield, “the others” are militians of the British Empire. As usual, in history, the silent majorities are paralysed from the State/government/Empires-created opposite extremisms.

The geopolitical and geoeconomic confrontation, also in that area, is between the US and the British Empires. The USA want to preserve their Israeli big base, while the UK wants to destroy Israel because the Brits have never accepted it. The Brits prefer to deal with the other ethnic groups to which they have imposed their historical anti-Judaism.  

Now that the British have implemented a vast destabilization of the area for liquidating the last natural allies of the USA (the laic regimes), the inept USA rely on their traditional Israeli big base. Nobody can really know whether the USA will finally decide to attack Iran that the Brits wants to annihilate and devastate, Iraq-style, while the USA would not have any real rational interest to confrontation policies relatively to Iran, although involved, since a long time, in the British hysterical hate against Iran. Even Israel, if it were an independent State, would be a natural friend of the Persian space, as well as all the bordering States.

One may not avoid noticing that the present terrorist wave in Israel has been triggered by sufficiently idiotic Israeli-US Secret Police officers. In fact, it was insistently announced that they were organizing terrorist attacks. Now, the propaganda following the attacks is even more idiotic. Because, after having supported the British destabilization of the area of the last months, now they claim that the area is falling under the hegemony of “Islamists”. ...But Hamas (an Israeli creation against Al Fatah), purposely chosen as scapegoat, is not “Islamist”... Whatever real political scientist knows that “Islamism” is a British creation (with US idiotic support) and that, if one liquidates military-“laic” regimes, they are inevitably replaced by religious extremisms, extremisms previously carefully cultivated from the British and the US Empires. What is apparently too difficult to understand for the US-British and other academic agit-props, who, anyway, clearly are loudspeakers of the lies of the ruling classes pay and use them.

There has been no “Arab spring”, as there is not mysterious “Palestinian terrorism”. The puppet masters are the British and the US Empires for their permanent wars. Popular revolutions do not exist. Independent terrorism cannot exist. People only follow power sources. It is not true that oppression generate rebellion. Despite propagandistic claims, that would contradict whatever sociological, politological, historical and psychological law. Popular rebellions and revolutions are simply impossible, when not pushed from some power source and from it used, not so popular and not so genuine. They always are ex-post storytelling. Also an external, uncontrollable, terrorism, with the good government trying to protect people from it, is just storytelling.

Governments and their Secret Police corps are the problem, not the solution. If they did not want terrorism, they simply should stop participating in it.

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