Letter to a sports magazine.

I don’t like sports. Never did, never will, but I respect the ones who do. What I don’t respect are people who cheat while doing it. Sports are supposed to be fun, a hobby – for some people is a way of living, but for most, it isn’t and for those who take money out of it cheating is completely wrong and it’s also an absurd. Think about it: If someone cheats on its work it is wrong and as many people do sports for a living, cheating is absolutely wrong and it goes wrong with “the book”.

Of course, I couldn’t care less about it, but to bend the rules should let people to jail – but they don’t have space even for real criminals, so it’s very unlikely to happen. I laugh out loud because of stupid (it’s my opinion, remember it) people who cry, yell – and I wouldn’t be surprised – kill themselves because of sports teams, I mean, what kind of losers “stop to live” just because a stupid football, handball, swimming team or whatever loses a also stupid game. Ok, ok, I should probably go back to the subject.

Sports are all about unsportsmanship, without it sports would be boring and tedious. Oh, wait! It is. But everybody turns the blind eye to it – I mean, who cares? – and nobody does nothing to change it – It seems like Brazil to me. To conclude it, people who don’t like sports really shouldn’t cheat on it (Or write about it!!!). I hope one day sports can be clean, without cheating (lie). And please, magazine, do something about it, it’s all I ask for you (I’m not).

A person very concerned about cheating in sports (Yeah, right), Matheus.

I did this text in English class, my teacher told me I was supposed to write a letter to a sports magazines, complaining about professional sportists that cheat while doing its job. I sure hope you enjoyed it!

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#1 Abreu 27-03-2010 09:23
Daqui a três meses venha rever o texto. Quem sabe já começou a gostar de esportes...

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