Paper Boat

Watching one boat made from thin paper sailing away,
Just felt one insane destiny drew by the river on the time
How long is this journey to the end of the brief wet life ?
Should it be longer than all my life?
The world cares on the shoulders this infinite sky,
And my moments alive over silver silence.

Ink dropped on the ocean from pure emotional brushes
Flowing in high and low movements through the waves
A moment in a thoughts leaves the body to join this volatile boat
Without captain, anchor, and harbor caring all precious colors,
To the center of the circle life, spinning till vanish in deep waters
Woke up of one dream in the border of a bed and an unfounded river .

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#1 Nadi 29-03-2010 22:26
Teu pensamento navega, sem um leme, mas és capitão do teu rumo.
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