I have been dreaming of buying an apartment for a long time, and I still have not been able to achieve my ambition. I have been working very hard since I can remember, but unfortunately I have not been capable of saving enough money to buy my apartment. Besides that, most of the money I earned had to be given back to government in the form of taxes, fares and fines. Another big part of it was used to buy fuel for my motorbyke, paying for its manteinance and for taxes related to driver's licensing and other driving related taxes. On top of that, as incredible as it might sound, I still had to pay the income tax.
Now, can you imagine this? You don't earn enough for you to live and, and buy food and clothes for yourself and your family members, you can't buy your own house, you pay taxes, taxes and more taxes, and in the end you find yourself in debit with the income taxing. It is really frustrating.
Now the government has released a plan that promisses to give people the opportunity to finally acquire their home. However, it will contemplate only those who have a very low income rate, so, I will probably be excluded from it. Now look at that, when I didn't have a job I could not buy a house because I didn't earn enough money to do it. Now I still don't earn enough, but because I earn a few bucks more than the chosen threshold of salary, I will not be covered by the governments' plan. It seems that in this country you either have to be very rich or a beggar. In both cases you will receive governmental assistance. But if you have a job that does not give you enough for you to survive, buy your house or car or even pay all of your bills, then you receive nothing. This, I think, is what is called to find yourself on a dead end.
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