Wicked World: A Psycho Therapy

By: Ingrid Santos and Max Romero

Scene I: Internal – Elevator/– Night

Jane Eyre is in the elevator going to the psychologist meeting room.

We can see just the character’s vision.

The elevator stops and the door opens, Jane walks to the entrance she reads the sign on the door “psychologist” Jane nocks on the door and the psychologist opens. The doctor’s face is not shown, both enter in the room and the door is closed.

Scene II: Internal-Meeting room– Night

Jane Eyre is sat down comfortably on the couch looking to the floor. The psychologist is sat in front of her browsing his notebook.

* Although there is a dialogue between the characters, the majority of the scenes only Jane’s voice is heard, the psychologist's speech is implicit.

The dialogue begins and we understood that the psychologist had asked something:

Jane: “I used to be a lonely child there was none child to play with, any friend I  idn’t have anything! I used to live with my terrible aunt, Mrs. Reed.”

* OBS: during the narration alternates images are shown, they are about the meeting room and Jane’s memory. These scenes are part of the narrative process, the verbal time pass from chronological to psychological time.

SceneIII (psychological):“Mrs. Reed” - Internal– Gateshead

When Jane says her aunt’s name, the scene of the Mrs. Reed comes, she is in a kind of frame, as serious as Jane described.

Mrs. Reed: “wicked Girl!”.

SceneIV: Internal–Meeting room – Night.

The scene comes back to the meeting room, Jane crestfallen retakes the narrative:

Jane: “and her wicked children who hit me all the time. She always called me ‘ what a wicked girl’ there was any love for me. Once she locked me in the Red          Room.”

SceneV: (psychological):“Red Room” - Internal – Gateshead Red Room.

Jane is in the Red Room, as she tells what happened there, she transfers herself to her childhood (psychologically), and the narrative is also in the present and past time.

Jane: “alone there I cried, shout, but nobody helped me. Here my uncle Mr. Reed died and his ghost is here, I know it! I got sick, alone in the dark, that was my life. My childhood at Gateshead was just an eternal Red Room.”

SceneVI: Internal – Meeting room – Night.

Jane is at the piano playing with the piano key, she asks something to the psychologist who is standing up and turned back on her, looking to the city by the window. Even with the question the psychologist doesn’t speak, the answer is understood by the scene.

Jane answers to herself. This scene is about the school time:

Jane: “have you ever learnt how to play the piano?

-         I have. When I went to Loodwood charity school, I learnt how to live without any kind of luxury.”

SceneVII (psychological): “School’s Chair”- Internal – Loodwood School

Jane is high up on a big and high chair, the filming is made from bass to upward, causing the effect of hugeness.

The character narrates the episode of the punishment. In the end of the scene, when Jane stoops down, a man wearing black appears, exemplifying the director of the school as a very high black tower, and the narration continues:

Jane: “I was high up on the chair publicly displayed as an ugly example of evil. No hugs I learnt that luxury is just for who has money. However I studied a lot and became a teacher, what I am today. I had just one friend, Helen.

SceneVIII: Internal – Meeting room– Night

In this scene the psychologist's voice appears for the 1st time, however we just have the vision of his legs and trunk, the face doesn't appear. He makes a question to Jane, which serves as connector for the scenes VII and VIII. This last one is about Jane Eyre adult life, about the marriage and the deception. The psychologist is sat down and the notebook is on the table, Jane is lied down in the couch turned for him, still crestfallen. The narration is begun:

Psychologist: have you ever been in love?

Jane: oh, yeah! I loved once! Actually I’ve just discovered that I couldn’t marry Edward Rochester.”

SceneIX: (psychological) “Edward Rochester” – Internal– Thornefield Castle.

Mr. Edward Rochester is standing up, he has thoughtful, mysterious lost and distant look, the character says, he almost whispers:

Edward R.: “Jane my dear!”

Scene X: Internal– Meeting room-Night

Returning to the meeting room Jane continues telling:

Jane: “I couldn’t because he’s already married to a madwoman, Bertha Mason, she tried to kill us!”

Scene XI: (psychological) – Bertha Mason- Internal-Thornefield Castle.

The scene begins with a frame representing the insanity, Bertha Mason is in front of a colored and confused illustration, holds in one of the hands a match toothpick, she scratch it out in the little box, that is in the other hand, until the fire to appear. Bertha admires the small fire and she smiles insanely. Suddenly she lets out a desperate scream, throws the toothpick for the air and falls.

Bertha: “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

SceneXII: (psychological): Bride’s Veil - Internal– Jane’s bedroom at Thornefield Castle.

Jane is seating wearing white and with a veil on the head, she narrates the problem with the marriage, she has a dreamer aspect that becomes despair.

Jane: “I thought it was a dream, but is a nightmare! GOSH!

She was like an animal, that hands holding and tearing my veil, she put it on her own head, and then admires herself. I felt that my heart was broking with it.

A madwoman, in a mad castle.

It happened just because I was a woman! Poor and Wicked woman!”

Scene XIII: (pre-final scene): internal/external- Corridor and Hall of the Building / Street - Night.

The door opens, Jane leaves the meeting room, says goodbye to the psychologist. She leaves for the corridor and enters in the elevator that is full, she goes out the building looking happy. And on the street she waives for the psychologist. Still in the door of the meeting room Jane says:

Jane: “Bye Dr. St. John.”

* OBS: it is the1st time that the psychologist’s name is mentioned.

Scene XIV: (final scene): Internal-Meeting room- Night.

The psychologist topped in front of the Window with the hands to the back.

The image closes in him slowly until the close-up of his head.

The psychologist speaks for the 2nd time:

Psychologist: “What Wicked World!"

The audio is cut and enters "wicked world" of Black Sabbath (this is the unique song which is not created only for the movie.)

Then the credits go up.

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